5 Mar 2007

Happy 4700th Visitor

Happy 4700th visitor!
Guess who it was?

Yes its Mags! well almost you were number 4699. A random technorati searcher beat you to the exact spot, but you deserve it more. So go and visit Maggie's site for Love, Poetry, Toosdaes and Food!
(remember click on her face!)

Linda was nearly it again! just one away on the other side, a big thank you for putting a visual link of me on your site (grrrr)

Oh and i nearly forgot to do my Chav definition, all in the aid of making the divide between our language smaller!

A chav is (click on image its well worth the read)



    I'm so happy I got to be in the Happy 100's club.

    Though "Click on her face" sounds weird...


  2. There was me about to reach for my Vicks inhaler! Almost had a Chav moment there!
    Congrats Mags.

  3. Hey mags, happy to have you in my little club! You can visit yourself in my sidebar anytime!lol!

    What do you mean it sounds weird?(shifting in seat uncomfortably trying not laugh)

  4. You know, Claire, you're going to get me hooked on this Happy 100 stuff... and determined to land myself a spot in it.

    You are a BAD influence, my new friend. No wonder I like you so much!

  5. You that I think of it...what made you put Chav and that ugly glue sniffing lady in the same post as me?

    Hmmm?? ;)

    I mean...I'm pretty sure other got some sort of a prize or something.


    (Just kidding, of course)

  6. Hey Susan, keep on trying! i will be doing a mega post on the 5000th visitor. Moi a bad influence never?lol!

    Hey Mags! the ugly glue sniffing lady is a man!(really)
    It's not anything to do with you honest!
    I will try and do a typically British slang word on every 'Happy 100' post. So next person be afraid!

  7. That's a man?!??! GADS!!

    Don't tell my daughter about the hoodie thing because she practically lives in hers!

    Welcome to the club, Mags! I'm still shooting for the coveted 5,000th person title as I'm sure that there are lovely gifts to go along with the title - right, Claire??

  8. Cheers tomcat, you are my biggest fan!

    Yes Linda it is a man, yeah but no but yeah but!
    Of course there is a prize.

  9. Heh heh...funny stuff and CONGRATS to Mags. She's a sweetie.

  10. Congrats Claire!!!

    You mentioned in an earlier post that you'd like to visit the states... next time you're blog hiking, come for a visit and see some snow northeastern US style...


  11. C'mon!

    THAT'S A MAN!?!?

    You're crazy.


  12. Well we're coming to love your slang words here - everybody loved 'minger', hehe.

    Keep 'em coming!

  13. Oh boy...... wonder if I can catch up with you.. :)

    I think I'm now somewhere around 3,300 since the first of the year. Still not sure if this is good or not though! lol

  14. Hi Claire, sorry for my lack of comments over the past week but my link to you seemed to be taking me to your last February post. I thought you'd been missing awhile but couldn't undertsand why you were posting comments at Us Danes . . . bit of a blonde moment I think!

    Same thing hapened with kai's link so I'm gonna have to be vigilant come 31st march!!!

  15. Your're really taking off with your site these days. The Chav definition is great, I may have to start using these when I get back home.

  16. I notice it wasn't me winning this hmm? Someone say conspiracy???