7 Mar 2007

Happy 4900th Visitor

Happy 4900th visitor!
Guess who it's not, yes that's right it is NOT Chris (aka Thermal) Hahahahahaha!

So Who is it? It's Marcia
I had a struggle finding any bad photos, so i had to settle for this Windy one!

Welcome to the 'Happy 100's' Marcia.

Also a Big Thank you to Quilt Nut for my brilliant card!
Click this card to visit her site (She made that) and see all the other great stuff she makes!

I can't post the lovely one she made me!(no ruddy camera yet) but trust me it's cool!

So its not long now till visitor 5000! who will it be?

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Update the lovely Quilt Nut, has sent a picture of the card she made me!


  1. So, these happy 100s are happening daily right now, notice that? Your traffic must ROCK.

    I think I'm officially jealous of you!

  2. Pick me! Pick me! Over here!

    Oooh! I won! Thank goodness I never posted the grumpy picture for you to find.

    The windy photo was taken on our 32nd anniversary, which fell during a wonderfully rainy business trip on the Pacific Coast. (Love free trips, even if he does have to work.)

    I think to celebrate I will hike the stairs. . .

  3. Well, it won't be me, that's for certain.....


  4. you're welcome Claire! here's a link to your card

  5. don't think that worked, i'll email it to you :)

  6. Hey Susan i am a very lucky! also i do visit quite a few blogs everyday.

    Hey Marcia, thanks for the extra info on that shot (i was very disappointed not a horrible shot in sight!)
    I hope the stair hike was exciting.


    Hey Quilt it worked, thanks for the emailed picture and the real thing.

  7. The competition is definitely picking up! Especially with so many visitors to your TT meme and all. I rather suspect you'll be doing #5000 tonight!