9 Mar 2007

Happy 5100th Visitor

Happy 5100th Visitor!
I don't know if this a scary coincidence or not? But just as they are giving me a lovely shout out, I am now returning the favour!
Before you say anything (Chris), No this is not a fix! feel free to click site meter and check.
This person knows that there are no horrible photos of him on the site!
So i though i would be a little creative.

Congratulations Ryan! you are a winner again: click here or the face!

Apologies for not visiting all those that have visited me, due to being selected as featured blog in this weeks TT,i have been overwhelmed! Will try and catch up with you all.


  1. Hey!!!!!

    Oh, its on Claire.. You so soon forget that you are dealing with a Photoshop wizard!! And yes, there ARE bad photos of me. I cannot stand to have my photo taken..

    You just wait.. It may not be today, or next week.. but eventually I will get you back...

  2. Excuse me, where is the lovely thank you for the link? hehehehehehe!
    Bring it on! Don't really , i would cry:(

  3. Thank you for the link.

    There, now that the "thank you" is out of the way, I'm getting back to the very interesting photoshop image I am working on of you, in a quite, errr, compromising pose...

    Not really.. You know I wouldn't do that.. Or WOULD I??? :)

    You know I sincerely appreciate the link and the shout-out. Just giving you a hard time for posting the above photo of me.. I look rather dodgy!! lol

  4. Hi Claire! You're really buzzing!!! Congratulations on the BIG number

  5. He he he

    I personally cannot WAIT to see what Ryan comes up with! He's pretty handy with photoshop after all!

    (Keep winding me up baby, I can take it!)


  6. Well done again to both Ryan & Claire!

  7. Hey Ryan i thought i had deleted all those images from my past career! I made good money from those movies!lol!

    Cheers Stine!

    Hey Kai! dont make me regret linking to you!

    Cheers Ruth!

  8. Well there are still plenty of me floating around out there I'm afraid... I wasn't using my real name back then though.. Was using my acting name, Buck Naked.


  9. LOL i am off to google that name.