9 Mar 2007

Hikes 5 and 6

Hello, thought i had better post hikes 5 and 6 of this year, as i am doing hike 7 tomorrow.

Hike 5
This was in the lovely Sedbergh, unfortunately the weather was crap! and ermm we might of got lost!
So there are not many photos!
Sedbergh is in The Yorkshire Dales for more info click here

This Ram chased us! it was a horny bugger!

Hike 6
This Hike was in Derwent, walking the Derwent Edge (Wordless Wednesday was taken here)
Derwent is in the Peak District for more info click here
The lovely Tink! She belongs to Chris who hikes with us.

The Moor for Kai, look closely what can you see?


  1. Superb photos Claire. Is it a pheasant in the Moor for Kai pic. Give Tink a stroke for me.

  2. Oh my! What gorgeous scenery! Great photos!!

  3. Awesome pictures Claire!!

    You are so lucky to be able to hike in such beauty! And the colours? I can't believe how colourful the countryside is! The rock formations are amazing too!

    It's SO different from what we have here... in fact, I just gave myself an idea for a post :-)

    Thanks for sharing - I just love looking at your pics!

  4. my word..... i am fairly speechless.

    smiles, bee

  5. Breathtaking photos! I've never been on a real hike before. I guess I'm too lazy to walk long distances. But I would like to try it sometime.

  6. I really enjoy these pictures of your hikes. Makes me want to get out and do some exploring this spring and summer.

  7. Very, very nice! The pictures of the moors remind me of the movie "An American Werewolf in London". Did you ever see it? Funny stuff!

  8. You're gonna have to send me mail of your exact address Claire, I need to go there too x x x With or without dogs!

  9. Great photos. But I came in in the middle of the movie. Where is Derwent? What country?

  10. Wow, Claire. You make me hate my suburban life (but I was in a castle this morning. Does that count for anything?)!!

    Can't wait to hear where you were today!

  11. Claire, before I started visiting your blog, I never really appreciated the beauty of the English countryside.

    Move your turtle. ;-)