14 Mar 2007

Happy 5400th +Happy 5500th Visitors

Happy 5400+5500th Visitors, also all those that have been before and all those that will come.
Welcome to the 'Happy 100's'
This my little thang, to thank you folk that visit me. The lucky ones who hit the stat counter at a '100' count get a little shout out here.
So who was visitor 5400?
It was the lovely Erika, who is no stranger to the blog or my sidebar.
So click here or click on the lovely hammer? Erika is doing exams at the moment so a few words of encouragement would be nice for her! so go on!

And who was 5500? twas an anonymous randomer. So i will use this opportunity to say thank you to the lovely Skittles and although i take the piss out of him a wee bit! i would also like to thank Chris
Both of these lovely folk have provided me with some great info!!

Do you like my new picture? this was brought to you courtesy of Tomcat
and i think it captures me perfectly!
So as it says 'Talk to me, or else!'

While your here check out my latest hiking photos and Wordless Wednesday. Sgt Dub liked it so much he is giving it to his boss!

Up and Coming:
  • Counselling Homework discussed and answered.
  • Thursday Thirteen
  • Whatever else i have forgotten!


  1. what do you use to track visitors?

  2. I use sitemeter. if you scroll way down its displayed on my sidebar.
    Its very easy to use (which is why i have it)
    Thanks for popping in!

  3. I think it was me.

    I've gotta fall in here sometime again!!

    Sexy momma.

  4. no, it was me mags, she just missed me again, sigh....

    smiles, bee

  5. Woooo Whoo! Awesome! Thanks!

    Haha That hammer cracks me up every time!

  6. Mags and E' you are simply not trying hard enough, shame on ya.

    Hey Erika, your welcome. the hammer cracks me up too, still glad i didn't find it.

  7. That's a hammer?
    I thought it was Bee's accordion.

  8. What a disappointment! I looked at the first picture and thought it just HAD to be me again! hehe

    Congrat's to the winners though! You're stats are going up like crazy hey?

    PS: I made that comment on Ryan's blog at work.... I know I should have been working, but I saw that I was there FIRST so had to say something. I giggled all afternoon knowing you would see it. :-)

  9. You're welcome, Claire. I'm talking! I'm talking!

    Congrats to the winners.

  10. Congrats to both...had to do a double take at the hammer pic!

  11. LOL.. Kai!! thats great. I'm glad you were able to beat Claire to the punch!!

    Oh, and the hammer pick, perhaps I'm like the typical guy here, but i certainly didn't think that was a hammer... Its shape and positioning are, uh, nevermind......

  12. What? It's just a hammer isn't it?

    Thanks Claire, you're getting soft in your old age ;-)

  13. Some playroom... Tools are tools, and this has nothing to do with Bee's accordian. Well, maybe not!!!

  14. Hey ask Erika not me about that hammer!

    Dont worry about it Kai, i am plotting away.