15 Mar 2007

Thirteen more slang like things

'I wouldn't pick him up with two shitty sticks.'

Well first of all SORRY! that's for not visiting all of you that where kind enough to visit and comment (don't care about you non commenter's!)
Secondly after last weeks success what could I possibly pick for this weeks TT?
After a great amount of thought (well not that much) I have decided too pick...
'What the Heck am I talking about?' yes sticking with the theme for now!
Remember I am talking English (you know from England) Have fun, try and guess, and i will provide answers if needed. Answers in green!

1.He was a wet sod. This means he is/was very boring.
2.I would like too buy a Rubber please. This means I want to buy an eraser not a prophylactic.
3.I think I will have some jelly. Jelly is not jam, if I want jelly, I want Jello in 'American'.
4.Oh God the Rozzers are chasing me! The police are chasing me!
5. I am cackhanded. It means I am Clumsy.
6.Coffin Dodger. Old person.
7.Ta. Thank you
8.Back when Noah was a lad. A long time ago.
9.That's making me a bit tetchy. Its making me Irritable.
10.Are you coming for a bevvy? Fancy a beer?
11. Don't get bolshie with me! Dont get aggressive.
12.Fancy a brew? Cup Of Tea anyone?
13.I am knackered. Very Tired!


  1. I lived in London for 6 months, let me see if I can figure it out...

    2) I would like to buy an Eraser.
    5 ) cackhanded=lefthanded
    7) So long!
    13) I am tired.


  2. Is there more than on reference to going for drinks? Or am I projecting?

  3. Okay Claire, I'll give 'er a shot:

    He was a wet sod = a wet blanket?

    I would like too buy a Rubber please = I first thought "condom" but on Britcoms they say "com-DOM" so I'll guess "tire"

    I think i will have some jelly. Grief, you people don't even call jelly jelly???? Speak English for crying out loud!!! :) It's probably aspic or something gelled and wiggly, isn't it???

    Oh God the Rozzers are chasing me! The boogeymen?

    Will you do that for me? Sorry but i am cackhanded. Left-handed (and no, that was my guess before I read Journeywoman's comment!)

    Coffin Dodger. Ambulance chaser?

    Ta. Probably what you're gonna say to me after trying to guess these.... I'll say "bye"

    Back when Noah was a lad = Back in the day.

    That's making me a bit tetchy. Grumpy/testy.

    Are you coming for a bevvy? Coming for a brewskie?

    Dont get bolshie with me! THIS is what you're going to tell me when I insist all my guess are CORRECT, isn't it? Isn't it???

    Fancy a brew? Want to go out for a brewskie? How many pubs are on your block, anyway????

    I am knackered. Drunk. From the brewskies.

    toodle pip,
    the smart arse

  4. Yeah, I pretty much have no idea what you just said :).

    But anything said with a British accent just automatically sounds smart!


  5. Well, I knew only a few this time, couple more seem obvious, but who knows the rest. . . Guess I better learn them. I'll be back to check the answers, after I've come up with TT tomorrow. . .

  6. Wow, I know some of these. Ta. Knackered. Wet sod. tetchy.

    Do I qualify for honorary English chick yet?

    Happy TT, my new friend.

  7. I'm really curious about who the Rozzers are. :)

  8. As an ancient Viking, I wonder if I would understand that? After all, we were around UK at that time.... *lol*

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  9. You do speak a whole other language from me, Claire! :)

    You need to come check out my Thursday Thirteen...heh heh

  10. 2--A rubber's an eraser.
    8--A long time ago
    9--Irritable, cranky
    12--Want a beer?
    13--knackered, I've heard used as tired, or drunk.

    Nice list! I only know these because one of my best friends is a Brit. :)

  11. Would be cheating for me to answer; I'll join you for a bevvy rather than a brew though!

  12. Morgen analysis is pretty much exaclty what I would have thought. I'm going with him..

    I missed last weeks Thirteen, but I'm up this week.. Are you ready for it??

    13 Pet Peeves..

    Was in a bit of a mood for a rant tonight! :)

    Talk to you soon.

  13. Lovely - this reminds me of the days when I used to be married to one of you lot - just about back when Noah was a lad. I got all knackered,bolshie and tetchy, though, because he rather fancied brews and bevvies (he was also quite a bit older than me, but not a Coffin Dodger by any means). As for Rubber - we did have 2 kids... So Ta very much - we had good days too!
    (the rest of them I can't quite firgure out, although I have fairly good idea about a couple of them...)
    Bye for now from the former Trouble and Strife ('er Indoors)of an Englishman

  14. praps I got the rubber wrong - dirty mind, and all that.

  15. Gor blimey Claire, you're getting the septics all worked up, they must be thinking you're 'aving a right bubble.


  16. Rubbr = eraser, cackhanded = clumsy, Ta = thank you, tetchy = ill, bevvy = beverage, bolshie = ballsy, brew = beer and knackered = exhausted

    Nice list, I feel a dampness falling around me even now :-)

  17. great hiking photos, interesting lesiure wear, and I am waiting to see what a coffin dodger is

  18. I love that little ticker you have its so cute!

  19. For biological reasons I don't have to buy a rubber (??) or rubbers anymore (if it's the same meaning as in german, one is not enough) and then I really think about going back to school and learn real english english like you ! My english english I learned at school must be oldfashioned ! Nobody understands me (sob)!

  20. Just stumbled across your blog and had to laugh. You trying to confuse them over the pond or what?

  21. 1. jerk?
    2. shoe?
    3. candy?
    4. no clue!
    5. not able?
    6. no clue!
    7. bye!
    8. a long time ago
    9. irritated
    10. drink
    11. smart
    12. want a beer?
    13. tired!

    This is fuN!

  22. Very interesting little words and phrases there. Now, get busy and post the interpretations of them too, will ya please?

  23. Hmmmmm. There seems to be some disagreement as to the precise meanings of some of these terms... I'm afraid you will hoave to post authoritative translations.

  24. I won't cheat since I'm a Brit. There's only 1 phrase I'm not sure about (4) but it's probably a regional thing and I think I know what it means. Some of these are pretty rude - you naughty lass! Happy TT!

  25. No.4? Peelers! Bobbies! The Filth ;-)

  26. cool - your erasers look like psychedelic ice cream sandwiches!

    And does all your jell-o come on a cake stand? :)

    Don't get all bolshie with me, cuz I'm knackered, but why don't you call jello "jello"? I mean, what do you call jelly? Runny jam????

    Oh, well, at least I knew that Back when Noah was a lad meant back in the day.
    And for coffin dodger, my gram used to say "older 'n Methusala's grandmother"

    toodle pip
    I need a brew

  27. My boyfriend is from Woking (about 45 minutes outside of London) so I hear Ta and I'm knackered all the time! :p Actually, he usually says he is crackered, from the cockney rhyming slang of knackered!

  28. You can tell he's from Woking, Amy, he should say he's 'creamed'.

    (Cream crackered=knackered)

    You always use the first, non-rhyming part (I don't even know why I'm boring you with this)

  29. I loved this one: Coffin Dodger
    Too funny!

    I'm reading The Confessions of Georgia Nicolson by Louise Rennison now and she uses so many great English expressions that she includes a glossary in the back of each book.

    I learned yesterday what a "how's your father" is. I'm trying to think of creative ways of working that into everyday conversations, but am having trouble as I'm not a pervert. :)

  30. I hope this doesn't get me in "Barney"
    (Barney Rubble = trouble)
    But "pissed" means something very different in the USA.
    You could continue this theme for at least another month.

  31. Wait, I speak English too!! But not this kind. Heehee.

    Always cool to see expressions from another land.

  32. LOL, I just loved your list!

  33. I've heard of the "rubbers" before. A friend of mine worked at a museum gift shop and a British woman came up to the counter and asked "Do you sell rubbers?" My friend, being American, was completely confused, and definitly freaked out, until they were able to bridge the gap. She was looking for earaser! Thanks for the fun list! do you get the "add yourself thing on the bottom"?

  34. So many great and fun memories. I´ve been to London and vicinity a few times (school excursion, just for fun, visiting a friend,...) so I knew some...

    Have a great weekend!

  35. Stone the crows! I suspect you're still right knackered after looking for your book left, right, and centre as well as feeling somewhat gutted.

    Hopefully no one nicked it on you! That would definitely throw a spammer in the works for your studies!

    How'd I do???

  36. We also refer to condoms as "rubbers" sometimes, so I wasn't sure if you meant that. lol