20 Mar 2007

Happy 6000th Visitor!

Welcome to the 'Happy 100'S' with your hostess Claire. I hope my little rules are wee bit clearer now? I am sorry for being so confusing.

Anyway down to business who was visitor 6000?
It was a side bar newbie! Web Duck

So as a special shout out i thought i would do:
6 (sorry i couldn't stretch to 6000!) Reasons to Visit Web Duck
Of course it goes without saying that you should visit her because she is my 6000 visitor and only great people visit my blog.

These are all cool posts and you will definitely find something you like in one of them. So congratulations once again Web Duck


  1. Congrats to WD and to Claire on visitor #6,000!!

  2. Congratulations on your 6,000th visitor! I went over and read the posts you pointed out but lost my appetite on the one about the thong. I suggest that those who are weak of stomach not go there - not anytime close to before or after eating! Ewww!!!

  3. Cheers tomcat.

    Hey Linda, thong is indeed wrong!

  4. claire, you confusing? pshaw!

    congrats to web duckie and to YOU, miss claire - on another milestone!

  5. Thank you kindly Mo Dorothy!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Sorry about the thong picture making everyone sick. LOL Congrats on your #6000 too Claire. I am honored that it was me. And also very appreciative of the many links to my articles. Sorry I was so slow to get back here to acknowledge the kudos.

  7. It was my pleasure, i loved all those articles. Well except the thong one!