20 Mar 2007

Let's get this clear!

OK, obviously i have gone wrong in explaining the rules of commenting on my blog!
Lets try it again!
  1. There will be a virtual prize for every 100th visitor that has commented! As in its not real! But you get a lovely shout out and be in my wonderful 'HAPPY 100'S'.
  2. There will be a Booby virtual prize for a '100th' visitor that lurks and leaves no comment!
  3. There will be random booby prizes for my worst Lurkers. You can lurk all you like but sometime i may just get ya!
Is that clear?
And no laughing at the word booby!


  1. Hahaha booby. Is there anywhere to go for Wordless Wednesday? A theme or something?

  2. I might want a "booby" prize...

  3. Please ignore this comment as I am just lurking.

  4. Referring to photo here and on "A Quick Warning" -- Chris and I must look very much alike. At first I thought this was my picutre you'd got hold of.

  5. Claire, if I am to blame for this post I will go back and make that clear in my Link Love post from yesterday. Okay....I am going to do that now!

  6. This is very clear.....thanks....oh he does look scary though!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Wishing you a Happy Tuesday!

  7. the word "booby" makes me giggle...

  8. Oh...

    *Stifles laugh*

    (You said booby)

  9. ok, I must confess, I am a lurker....

  10. Booby? Hahahahahahahahaha!! OOPS!!

  11. I'd best not let my friend Andrew anywhere near this post - he just loves boobies! Wait until I tell him he can come here and get an actual "booby prize" - he'll be lurking constantly!

  12. Looks like you scared everyone out of hiding! :-)

    Perhaps I should not comment for awhile... I need a prize in the boobie department! (Looks down at chest and sighs)

  13. I'm not laughing at the word booby. I'm not! You can't prove I am.

    I did NOT just giggle!

  14. Ha bloody ha! all those that laughed at the boobies, it has been noted.

    Whirlwind its ok don't be scared i wont get you (not yet anyway,lol)

    I am glad the rules are clear now.

    Love you all!

  15. he heee hee
    she said booby

    now, what were the rules, again???