14 Mar 2007

Hike 7

Welcome to Hike 7 of this year, otherwise known as 'Year of the Hike'. So far i have accumulated 64 miles (which is 102.998 kilometers) but remember going uphill gives you more brownie points compared to walking on the flat (so there)
Hike seven is Gorsdale Scar and Malham Cove. This is in Yorkshire again click here for more info.
The Hike starts off with a lovely stroll to this water fall.
We then follow the path and see this, wow i wonder whats around the corner?
Oh it looks like a another lovely waterfall, lets go closer.
Wait a moment lets turn around and appreciate the scenery behind us, ohh lovely!

How funny some people are climbing up the waterfall, aren't they stupid!

Whadda ya mean we are climbing up there! (note i really didn't know!), but we have got to dogs with us! they are never going up there.
OK so you two are up, the dogs are up, why am i down here still taking photos? For my blog of course!
OK look at photo below and note where the water is coming out. Have you noted that?
Yes that is Me! No that hat is not daft.
Now remember where the water was coming out? Well that's where the WW was taken and the folks down there are where we started. They thought we where mad taking the dogs up there as well!

I hope you enjoyed Hike 7, this is only the Gorsdale Scar part of the walk.


  1. my word honey, you are very brave (strong, agile, spirited, energetic, nuts?) ha ha ha.... great photos though...

    smiles, bee

  2. You are a photo posting MANIAC these days!

    Great photos Claire!

    Makes me want to get out for a hike..

  3. Nuts? yes i thinks thats an accurate description.

    Hey Ryan, think what i will be like when i have my own camera, woo hoo.
    Get ya boots on.

  4. Wow. I think this is my favorite hike so far. I'm so tired after it though.


  5. What cool pictures!
    when you click on the picture of you in the daft hat, your smile really is wonderful!

  6. You do realise that you're giving me hiking lust! That waterfall is beautiful.

  7. That was quite the hike Clair. You must be getting fit and firm. Like that hat

  8. The hat is not daft anymore than the landscape is not too awesome for words... (but if they convince you it is. . . well, it's cold over here).

    I drive by beautiful views but cannot imagine being in the thick of it like you are. Keep the photos coming, please.

  9. That's not a hat, that's a touque!

    There's a Canadian word for ya!


    Looks like a great hike - beautiful scenery as always!

  10. Did you forget to move your turtle again?

  11. That's absolutely beautiful Claire....and the countryside ;-)

    Top quality head apparel :-D