11 Apr 2007

Masters (of google)

I just gave this post the title masters because Google Zeitgeist said it was in the top ten, i presume it means the golf (YAWN!), instead i have found a new site that i like.

I have recently heard the website The Pisstakers mentioned on a few of my favourite blogs, so i hopped over and had a peek. With a name like that, they have got to be British? I was informed that i should mention that they are funny, which luckily for them they are! Or am i taking the piss? Heck no! Have a click on the Funky Junk or find out if Cadbury Creme Eggs have really shrunk!
That's enough link love for today i am off to bed!


  1. Hey Girl,
    How you doing. Glad to hear you went over and took a pissy over at The Pisstakers. Cool so far ain't it. Be cool.

  2. Oh I like this site Claire. A definite addition to my favourites.

  3. Great site. Are you trying to win some candy??????

  4. You are too funny Claire. Masters (YAWN). That made me laugh out loud. Toodle Pip...

  5. Hey Callie, i didn't quite take a pissy!eh?

    Glad you liked it Ruth.

    No candy this time akelamalu but they are welcome to send me some!

    Me funny Comedy+, I try!

  6. Hey Claire, you can win some candy, (or is it sweets?) if you get lucky on Sunday on the Pisstakers! Now, back to the excitement of the golf.

    btw If they called the ladies' version, The Mistresses, that would get some new first time viewers, till they glazed over at the dulldom.

  7. Oh sweets it is!!!!
    How do i get lucky eh?lol!

    Hmm the mistresses? I think nude golf would be more fun!