11 Apr 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Number 13

Thirteen Things about Claire

13 reasons why you should read my blog, a blog review of myself!

  1. I am wonderful! Ok that's a stretch but hey got to be optimistic, remember the glass is half full.
  2. Photos of my hikes across England ( and the world eventually!)
  3. My efforts to teach British Slang to the world (otherwise known as an excuse to be rude!)
  4. My progression from a student to hopefully a qualified counsellor. I do try to include you on this journey of mine, been a bit lazy lately though.
  5. My sense of humour!
  6. I support World Peace (no i have never been in a beauty pageant)
  7. I do mean things to Lurkers!
  8. I love my Visitors, check out the Happy 100's posts.
  9. My sidebar is full of bloggers that you should visit, as long as you come back here again.
  10. I need the ego boost!
  11. Did i mention world peace?
  12. Oh crap i didn't think it would be this hard to think of 13 things?
  13. Any suggestions?

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  1. :) That was a good one! What kind of counselor do you want to be? I'm going for marriage and family therapy. :)

  2. I thought of one!

    "I'm fun and cute and you all love me."

    Oh, wait. That's more from Trevor, who gets to have a say over at my place this week.

    Happy TT! (I came for the hiking and stayed for the fun)

  3. Carry on teaching the world British slang - even the none rude bits that sound like they might be rude.

  4. Hee hee! Great idea for a TT list! And that's a noble aim, to teach British slang to the world. From what I've heard of it (read of it), it cracks me up! :-D

    Happy TT! Mine's a list of some of my favorite classic films.

  5. Cool TT, but methinks you are preaching to the converted. xx

  6. It is serendipity that I found your blog... if you check out mine, you'll see why.
    Happy TT- it was a great list!

  7. You forgot to mention being a Beaver Leader

    A great help to fellow bloggers

    A great friend to all creatures, great and small
    ( would go along with the world peace angle!)
    Happy Thursday!

  8. Good idea! And good reasons to visit! Mine is also posted -- 13-letter words.

  9. I do think it would be hard for me to figure out 13 reasons for someone to read my blog. You did a good job.

    Check out my TT

  10. Here's another: Because I host all sorts of fun things, like Easter Egg hunts!

    Happy TT! I'll be back!

  11. LOL Love your idea, but I'm not sure if I could come up with 13 good reasons for people to read my blog either. Maybe I'll have to try it sometime though...
    Happy TT! :-)

  12. I first have to improve my vocabulary in Queen's English, then I can start being rude ! Don't you want to learn some french rude words, then you could be rude all the time and only few people understand you and they will congratulate you because you speak soooo good french !

  13. Your post on British Slang was one of the funniest posts I've read in a long time.

    I enjoy reading your blog - hence I come back each week I participate in TT.

  14. You forgot to mention about you being an inspiration to your fellow bloggers!

  15. I think you've covered it - although "I'm creative and as such, addictive" comes to mind...

  16. You forgot witty, pretty and kind!

  17. See, we can all come up with another reason to visit Claire, here's mine.

    Claire: I will be posting pictures of my new hair color.

  18. You have the cutest nephews in the world! That is another great reason to visit.

    Awesome list. I need to write down some of these great ideas people are having. My idea river is running dry. I need some refreshers.

  19. You're funny--that's a good reason!

    Great list.

  20. Maybe give away prizes, people seem to like that. :) LOL

  21. How about

    "I care about my readers"


    "I have a whip and I'm not afraid to use it"

  22. As if your 12 reasons aren't enough, how about...

    "I'm a firey red head now, don't piss me off."

    I figured you'd like that one better than the one I came up with:
    "I have a heart of gold and I'm not afraid to use it."

    love ya,

  23. How about the cute pic of your head going up and down and winking at us? :)

  24. The threat of your whip.
    Your ravishing redness.

  25. All those things must be got me to read and comment!!!! Pretty good huh!
    My T13 is up.

  26. Since you have Gattina over on your side bar and I have her too you must be a good one.
    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT'ing!
    (")_ (")Š

  27. I adore your efforts to teach British Slang to the world!!!

  28. 13- The element of surprise is always present. You have to tune in daily to see what is happening.

  29. That's the reason I am taking classes for Marriage & Family. I want to work with children... and it's only 2 1/2 years! :) Good luck!

  30. I keep coming back because of that devilish grin and those impossibly blue eyes that are full of merriment!
    You're a delight!!!

  31. Talk about a "Blog Hog!" I have NO idea how I managed to log on twice except that I was doing this and watching TV...bad combo. So Sorry!!!