22 Apr 2007

Mo Interview Me!

Well i asked, so Mo has interviewed me! so keep on reading..........

The lovely Mo wanted to interview some folks so i volunteered.

1.What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen on a hike?
Me!you should me after a particularly steep climb.
er mm oh that's a good question. The weirdest thing would have to be when i am laying on the floor dying (slight exaggeration) after heaving myself up a mountain and some bloke in his 50's legs it past me with a bike on his shoulders not even breaking into a sweat!
Or another time when we were exploring some rock formations and somebody had crapped in one of the nooks! some people eh!

2. Why haven't you posted any pics of your lovely RED hair? (If you have by the time you get around to answering this, then go for "what made you choose RED for your hair color?")
I haven't posted any pictures of my recent 'redder' hair because i haven't purchased a camera yet (in the process of getting one this weekend).
I picked red because i liked it and nobody else had red hair that i knew, although i do tend to look a bit gothic, because i am so pale! but i ain't no goth!

3. Do you ever get sick of Americans being all touristy in your country, or do we just irritate you plenty online?
Well i don't tend to see many Americans, because i have always stayed away from touristy places (phew). I am amused that Americans find all things over a hundred years old fascinating. Although calling jam 'jelly' and crisps 'chips' does irritates me!

4. You're memerrific! Has there ever been a meme that you didn't love? If you were going to create a meme, like I did for Manic Monday, what would the Claire meme be?
There was one meme i use to do, but don't anymore. That was because the host of it was a KNOB!
All the memes i like, especially Manic Monday!
If i was going to create a meme, it would have to be Sarcasm Saturday where people would have to show their more twisted sense of humour, I am never sarcastic myself.
Or i would Counselling Tuesday where you would post your goals and feelings, something like that.

5. If you met a blog-lurker in real life, what hideous torture device would you use on him?
I like that you think all men are lurkers, I will take that.
It would depend on if they good looking or not! If they were good looking i would have to put on my uniform and use one of these on them:
but if they were minging it would have to be my ugly cousin helga and one of these.

If you would like me to interview you, please tell me in the comments! The first five are it! I will then send you 5 questions for you to post on your blog and answer. Who is game?


  1. hi claire, hi mo. not lurking...

    smiles, bee

  2. Tempted...but just wondering what sort of questions you'd ask!

  3. I promise that if I ever get my wish and visit the British Isles, I will correctly refer to fries as chips. I will request jam with my morning toast. And if I want a light snack I will find a bag of crisps.

    I already know that I'll need a pint as my beverage.

    Is there anything else?

  4. Claire - you are ever-so-entertaining! Okay, I didn't expect a crap in the rocks for your first answer! Way to set the tone for the interview!!!
    Thanks for playing, that was fun!

    I love how you picked up on the fact that I think most lurkers are of the Y-chromosome persuasion!

    ps: your cousin Helga scares me.

  5. I'm number 6 so can I be in reserve place plz? Just in case any one gets cold feet!

  6. Aw CRAP! I'm # seven - figures!

    I love the idea of sarcasm Saturday - because that's just SO not you!


    (Can I be put on the waiting list??)

  7. Hi Claire,
    Just checking in with you wouldn't want to be labeled a lurker...

  8. Miss, miss, I'm not lurking!

    Great interview. Glad I wasn't in the first 5, I'm a bit scared at what your questions might be!!!!!

  9. When I went to London to visit DD2 while she was doing a semester at Imperial College, she was always pulling me to the right, or was it the left, on the escalators,I tend to be the ugly american and stand right in the middle. She had to remind me the public facilities are not
    restrooms, or god forbid...bathrooms. But I don't eat chips or crisps, and I don't remember eating jam OR jelly so I don't think goofed there..! I love England and hope to get out of London the next time I go.

  10. Drat!! Missed Mo's offer and now I've probably missed yours. Oh well, when you work your way through the crowd or someone chickens out, let me know.

  11. Don't whip me, don't whip me, I am not a lurker.

    ps: your cousin Helga is a real looker, woo weeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. Was it a funny meme on a Monday Claire? ;-)

    Some how I don't think a bit of S&M is going to deter your male lurkers....

  13. (Don't let it be Helga, don't let it be Helga)
    Just got back from the British Camp, enjoyed the company and had steak and mushroom pie.

  14. Mo did me too, but I begged for it. Kinky, huh?

    Great answers! The reason we like old things is because we don't have as many here. I used to talk (online) with someone from Greece and he said he hardly notices the history around him.

  15. Lurking but no interview bee?

    Ruth are you sure you don't want to play?

    Travis, you are going along the right lines, but there are mistakes still to be made! hmmm i feel another post coming on! do you want to be interviewed by me?

    Mo, you should know me by now! well i like to think there are some nice Y's hanging around or else its helga! She takes after my dads side of the family!lol!
    Also i had great fun with this! and i thought the questions were great.

    OK erika, i will have to get thinking!

    Shaz you are it, Bee and Mo don't count.

    Oldone, i don't know who you are and no link to a blog!

    Hey Callie, Good girl no lurking, it may be bad for your health.

    Akelamalu i might still pick you!

    Hey Banker Chick! stand to the left! or you would be shoved out of the way as the crazy commuters hurtle towards work.
    lol on public facilities, that would mean the library and you wouldn't want to go the toilet there!
    Let me know when you are heading over here next.

    Jamie i will include you if you like!

    OK sarge you get a free pass this time, Helga is getting grumpy though!

    Hey Chris, it tried to be funny, but unfortunately it was more like pulling out teeth without medication.
    Somehow i think your right, big bunch of pervs!

    Hey sgt dub, what did you think of the pie? i love pie! did you understand the squaddies ok? I wouldn't set helga on you, your too good looking!

    Kinky Bitch, Skittles!lol! glad you liked the answers, i thought the questions were great! Cant wait to see what mo has sent you! Its true that we don't notice the history, the church up the road from me is 1000 years old in one part!

  16. Oh now I'm scared!! I need at least one of you to hold my hand through this . . . where are the other 4 brave lurkers?

  17. Haha, you surely don't play around with the lurkers.

  18. ----> tip toes in (don't want to be seen as a "lurker") & hides in the corner shaking at the thought of these questions! Life might never be the same again

  19. Hee hee, I got an interview from Mo too, it was fun!!! :) Great answers, but who's the one over there calling fries chips, now, huh?? :) And it's an ELEVATOR ;)

    j/k, I love British slang, for serious. :) Happy Monday!

  20. yes, I AM an annoying American...too but isn't there a difference between jam & jelly? I was always taught that jam is the yummy one with fruit pieces in it, whereas jelly is just made with fruit juice...? :)

  21. I just finally got around to reading this and can't quite figure out how I missed it the first time! I tell ya, you don't make blog rounds for one bloody day and it takes forever to catch up!

    I am beginning to think that you are quite into the whole whips and chain thing as that's the second time I've seen you post a picture of a seductress holding a whip. Hmmm ... what lurks under that red hair of Claire's?? Maybe Mo should have asked that one instead!!

  22. Jam and Crisps! I like that! It never occurred to me that one would find that annoying! ha! I have a dear friend from Scotland who says all sorts of strange things like "knickers" and "geezer" and "windscreen." I'm finally "getting it," though.

    Great answers! Love how Mo comes up with such unique questions. Love the idea for the "Saturday Sarcasm" meme. That would be a good one.