22 Apr 2007

My new toy!

Oh i have a new toy and does all sorts of exciting things! I am so excited.

Yes its my SONY IC Recorder!(what did you think i meant?) It has voice recording, MP3 Playback and USB storage.
Just got to figure out how to use the bloody thing! It is teeny and i have just downloaded a few sentences, i sound like a right tool.
The reason for purchasing it was that i need to record my practice counselling sessions and then critique myself. I am not looking forward to this at all
It cost £89.99, so it better work well.


  1. Phewwww . . not cheap then but I'm sure it will be worth it in the long run. Does it do dishes too??

  2. Cool....does that mean at some point we will hear your dulcit tones on your blog???

  3. Shaz i hope its worth it! i should get some use out of it, with diploma then real clients (god help them)
    Alas no on the dishes front.

    Ermm Ruth, NO!

  4. Come on! Record 'I will survive' in your scally tones and post it up :-D

    Mmmm, could have posted a video of yourself slowly unwrapping it from it's packaging...

    Oh, baby....[in a Homer Simpson voice]

  5. I admit, Clairw, I was worried. ;-)

    Now we'll expect your practice sessions to be posted in .mp3 format.

  6. I love to get new electronic gizmos!

    That's a good idea to record your practice - kinda like reviewing video of your swing for a baseball player.


  7. I was wondering what was gonna pop outta there. :)

    (I was thinking maybe and accordian! HAH!

  8. I thought - A new mobile phone, a blood pressure monitor, a 'beam me up scottie', a camera, a weather station - you should have made it a competition - Guess my new toy!

    Expensive but it will be worth it to you I'm sure.

  9. I thought it was going to be an accordion..

  10. Most of us gals were thinking an accordian. We are so bad :) Congratulations and I hope it is more than you dreamed it would be.