12 Apr 2007

Oh My God! Best Blog of All Time?

OK Chris what are you after? For some darn tooting reason he has nominated me for Best Blog of All Time!
There i was just making sure i had voted for all my chums and there my blog was, gurning at me!
I would like to say i don't mind if i don't win, but i want to win!!!
I only need several hundred votes to secure my status as blogging maestro of the known universe.

My site was nominated for Best Blog of All Time!

I will post more on this when i have thought of a plan to win it!



  1. Congratulations Claire. As so as the stupid site will let me sign-in I'll vote for you. Did you vote for Mo? Best animal catagory. You probably have. Hope you win :)

  2. :-D

    Me, after anything? As if.

    Best blog I visit Claire, that'll do for me.

    Your PR and Technorati rank are tangible evidence of what you've achieved in a short time, the amount of comments you get, and the fact that you seem to be sitting on the sidebar of every blog I visit add further proof.

    Get everyone to vote that's linking to you and you'll storm it!

    BTW Let people know to NOT sign up with a Hotmail address as they don't work for some reason....

  3. Heading over there now! :-)

  4. Well guess I've got another vote to go cast! I'll get right on that!

  5. Thank you comedy!!!!
    Yes i have for voted for Mo!

    Hey Chris, My technorati is a bit deceptive, i think its the memes that keep this blog going, nobody loves me really! well except you lot of course!

    Thanks Kai, I voted that you are hot!

    Cheers Linda! I voted for yours too.

  6. Hey, congrats! I'm jealous as hell, of course, but still proud of you and excited for you.

    My technorati ranking is higher than my visits would have you believe, or something like that, too. But I'm working on that part of things!

  7. You nominated me for what? Worst blog? *snort*

  8. I voted for The Best Blog! :)

    Yes, you!!!

  9. Ok, you got your wish!! I voted as well. I know you'll do great!

    Now spread the word, if I get beat by Rodie O'Donnell I'll... well, I'll do something rash... I may even cuss..

  10. My thoughts are with Ryan, I noticed I'm in the same race with that person, and I just saw that I was next to her in political blogs, if there is a God in Heaven, let us beat her soundly, You of course, received a vote from me, now I will have to look for Ryan.

  11. I've been having trouble getting on to vote but as soon as I'm able you know I will!

  12. PS Well only if you tell me how to do that clever 'read more' hidden thingy!!!

  13. No, I'm kidding I will vote for you anyway.

  14. already voted! ha! good one girl!!!

    smiles, bee