23 Apr 2007

Visit and Vote

My new feature is to plug my favourite sites! I will call it Visit and Vote, this is because when you go over and visit, there is normally something for you to vote on. It makes people happy when you vote for them. Even if it is just adding them to your technorati favourites or clicking fuel my blog etc. This will improve your soul and your blog! Claire Said So! Naming and Shaming will apply to those that don't comply! I love my visitors, show the same love.
Who did i pick?

*No animals will be harmed in this post.

Yes this is link love and i am not ashamed to show it, i was inspired by the great reviews Skittles does and her link love feature, also most recently RT Untwisted Vortex and his blog drive bys.

My first choice is Chris because he is a fellow Englander and rather helpful.
What does he say about himself?
Hi, I’m Chris Lodge, I live in the county of Aberdeenshire in the country of Scotland, which is part of the UK.
I’m married, with twin boys born in 2001, and have (gladly) given up real work to look after them. I don’t miss it at all.
Being an opinionated kind of person, I though I’d start a blog (along with everyone else on the planet!) and see what happens.

I have googled his real name in search of one photo but no! the only thing i found was the cutest baby picture ever! Meet Patrick, one of the twins.
What did happen? he went blog mad.

Check out Autofocused for some great photos, they really are rather good. You can even play with his lulu! If you are interested in setting up a photo blog, this is a site you need to look at.

Check out Thermal for all things weird and funny, its a friendly place! with some great comments.

Finally save the most useful for last, Blog-Op
is a font of knowledge about blogging, you will learn a lot! even though it is rather word press based, there is lots and lots to learn! From Improving your audience to all things relating to money making on your blog.

Here are two ways you can vote for Chris! DO IT DO IT!

My site was nominated for Hottest Daddy Blogger!My site was nominated for Best Blog About Blogging!

So how do you like the new feature? hmmm comments please.


  1. I'm first!!!! Hahahahaha, ok, only because of a healthy fear of you, I mean love and respect, I will head on over and vote. Have a great day.

  2. Cheers Claire :-D

    You're a top blogger!

    What a shame about the Google results....

  3. my goodness Claire you are really becoming a woman of the blogosphere and all the little themes and ways you have learn't to use the tricks of the blog world...crazy girl....

    When it comes to all the gadgets and widgets I feel somewhat incompetent....some days I feel lucky to find the on switch on my computer.....

    Happy Monday!

  4. What a great idea, you are clever!

  5. I'm from Birmingham in England. Good to meet another from the same country. You have a super blog!

  6. Isn't it amazing Claire.

    You do a lovely thing like this for me and my webhost decides to have a power failure knocking out all 3 of my blogs :-(

    I'll be back soon!

  7. Geez ... pushy, pushy! But, because I fear you, I shall go over and check out some of your links! Actually, I have been over to Autofocsed and he has some fantastic photography over there to be much admired. And I promise to go check out the others though, honestly, you could have sent some folks over my way to help out with my M&M poll!

  8. Is it me, or is a lot of those links down?

  9. A brilliant idea Claire.

  10. I think it's a GREAT idea!!!! Psst.. did you get the interview questions???

  11. I will check it out.......lurking around

  12. Claire, you are such a clever wench! (Is that polite to say?) If not, I apologize in advance and will say "clever woman!"

  13. I know you don't like memes Calire, but I tagged you for a Thinking Blogger Award - I hope you will accept. See my blog.

  14. so okay i voted, now is he going to vote for me???

    smiles, bee

  15. Great idea! It'll be a fun way to find some new blogs!

    I see above that you've been tagged again! (haha) I think the rulebook says you have to do it twice now?


  16. Pretty neat! Good way to introduce folks to other bloggers in a way that lets you know more of what the blogger is like, is about, does, etc. Very interesting!

  17. I love the new feature and I voted for BOTH bloggers. :)