23 Apr 2007

St George's Day

Happy St Georges Day! what did he kill?

Today is St George's Day, the patron saint of England, he killed a dragon apparently. Politically Correctness bollocks, has meant that St Georges Day is not celebrated much and is not a Public Holiday. I think that is ridiculous.
All because the bloody idiots of the British National Party use the flag for their ridiculous right wing crap, up yours BNP!
Read more about St Georges Day click here


  1. I agree hun but watch out for the hate emails. I made a post once about the same party & received vicious comments but that was before I took verification off so they never made air space! They must search their initials for links to posts then abuse if you don't support them . . . will be interesting to see what happens here!

  2. Hate emails? I am shocked! not!
    Nice way of wasting their time.

  3. For England and Saint George!!!

    I'm all for making St. George's Day a Bank Holiday!!

  4. You mentioned your friend was going on a "ghost/mystery" walk in Edinburgh. If they haven't read any of the series, get in the mood with the Inspector Rebus mysteries of Ian Rankin. Great mysteries all set in, around, and under Edinburgh.

  5. By the way Miss can you please stop posting multiple things on the same day, I've just discovered about three of your posts that I missed!!!!!! Yes one was about exclamation marks!!!!!!!

  6. Dragon slayers should be highly honored.

    But I know of one girl who'll not agree...ahem...Asara.

  7. You just never know, over the pond, we heard you didn't celebrate St. George's Day because PETA stated that the dragon was protected by endangered spieces list at the time St. George killed it. Alec Baldwin wouldn't have yelled at his pig, I mean daughter if she had dragon blood in her veins.

  8. I can remember part of a poem that I learned as a child about St. George and the Dragon but I can't for the life of me find it ... it went something like -

    "St George he slew the dragon,
    But he didn't shout hooray!
    He dumped it in a wagon cart,
    To haul the mess away,
    The wagonman he sold it to the
    owner of the fair ..."

    And then I forget the rest because I have a memory made of Swiss cheese!

    But a happy St. George's Day to you and yours!

  9. First chance I've had to get over belated Happy St George's Day!!!!!

  10. Thanks for the link to the St George info - I learned a little something extra.

  11. You have Saint George and I have Shakespeare. Come pay the bard a visit and wish him a happy birthday.

  12. Anyone who could slay a dragon deserves his own bank holiday! And yes, I use too many !!! also, but what else can we do??? And a pox on political correctness on both sides of the bloody aisles! See, I did it again. (!)

  13. so, if it weren't for this George dude, then we'd still have dragons?