24 May 2007

Blog Friends!

I am at last feeling better, tired but no more ear juice! just thought i would mention it one more time EAR JUICE!

Do you like that nifty badge Mags made me! I am a hardcore Mags fan.
So what is this post about?
Just a Thank You really to those that visit me and raise my spirits with comments and post!

Today i received a book from Jamie which is the about walking from the most Northerly point in the United Kingdom to the most Southern point. Something i would love to do one day. So i was so happy to get this book! You will be hearing more about this.
When i needed Shells for a counselling project, Ruth
sent me this! They have been a great help and i love them.
Up on my memory wall is the cards from Quilt Nut,Mo andTisha

Blogging can be a big distraction for me sometimes, but it helps more than hinders! I get motivation and support from all those that visit.

So Thanks to all!razz


  1. Well, Claire, visiting you is always fun. You find such great new stuff all the time. Glad you are feeling better. NO MORE ear juice! Ick

  2. How cool is that?
    Your blog friends love you!
    Ear juice and all!!!

    And that's awesome that my little Lake Michigan pic is hanging on your bulletin board next to Tisha's Sin City post card!
    Thanks for showing me that - it put a big smile on my face!



  3. Yes, we do love you. Miss you too. Glad you are feeling better.

  4. isn't it great the way we can all support each other...{{HUGS}} Sorry to hear I was right about the grey hair!..sure there's not many.

  5. Yes. Ear juice. Now that it's gone, you'll never mention "ear juice" again. We hope.

    Ear juice ear juice ear juice ear juice ear juice ear juice...

    Claire... why would anyone want to be the Number 1 Google search result for "ear juice?"

  6. Whatever is in that green package....?

  7. Well, I'm glad that your ear is getting better. :)

  8. Dang, guess I need to send you something so that you can feature it in a post. I wonder what might be a good thing to send from Connecticut? I shall have to give this some thought! Hmmmm ...

  9. promise? no more ear juice? sigh... that's a good girl!

    smiles, bee

  10. Oh wow! I am so glad that I made your memory wall.
    Heres to much more memories along the way!!! :)