24 May 2007


Although i am talking a wee break from writing tips at Blog-Op, not because of the authors thing for sheep, but because of college work.
I have just written a quick article so hop over and have a look, give me an opinion if you likesmile
Also it kills me to admit, but Chris (sheep sh**ger) does write interesting articles, that are an insightful view into the world of blogging.

If you have a good tip that you think would be useful for anyone feel free to submit it to me and i will post it over there for you, with love linkage of courserazz


  1. I'll get my thinking cap on! :)

  2. Really Claire, coming from a part of the world where the people are collectively know as 'bin-dippers' you are in no place to cast aspersions..... ;-)

    But thanks for the link & grudging admiration :-D