25 May 2007


All gardening is a challenge to me! i am too distressed to show you what happened to kitchen herbscry It wasn't good at all!
I may post a picture with a warning, but then herb lovers maybe angry with mesad

So onto my next project! planting some flowers in pots and into two three tiered basket thingies.
Well making mum do the planting stuff, i am doing the grunt work.

Off to pot! will update you later on with pictures, if it looks nice<span class=


  1. What, do you forget to water them after you plant them? That is usually what happens to young, busy college students. :)

  2. Can't wait to see what you've potted!

  3. "Off to pot," you say... and I begin to see why you're neglecting your plants....

  4. I was thinking the same things as Curmy on this one! No wonder you're neglecting your poor plants, you're probably too busy feeding your own munchies!

    Seriously, though, good luck with the plants! I need to do something with my own flower boxes but just haven't gotten around to it yet. It may very well be Fall by the time I get around to it!

  5. I hope you've noticed that I've tactfully not mentioned your herbs could have fibbed and said that they were so good you've eaten them all! Shall look forward to seeing your pots...(also note that I make no mention of the word "pot" other than as a receptacle to put plants
    Happy Gardening!

  6. Oh Claire.....that looks like alot of work....I do love the flower fountains...I have never seen anything like that....looks like fun....and the colours...will be gorgeous when in full bloom.....we don'tknow what things will look like until we give it a try...good for you....

    I love all your scoting photos as middle daughter joined beavers so didn't want to do any girly things...beavers was right up her alley......