25 May 2007

Gardening Update

What is Gardening to you? For me gardening was something to earn a bit of pocket money or help my Grandad, mainly pocket money!
I have always been interested in plants, more from a nature point of view, that's why i went to study ecology. I didn't finish my studies but the interest in plants has stayed with me.
Unfortunately i have not been blessed with green fingers, except for my beloved cactus's, i have had some for over ten years. Anyways forgetting the cactus, my recent attempts with kitchen herbs failed because i neglected them, i don't know why i did, but i did.
I like the grunt work, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, not the fiddly stuff. But since the mother has been out of hospital she has wanted to get some flowers planted, god knows why. If you saw our garden you would think there had been a nuclear holocaust and only weeds had survived.
Yes it is that bad, but she is in charge. So she ordered the plants and off i went shopping for originally hanging baskets, but i decided on the things you will see in the slide show.

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As you see from the show, only one of the things is planted! That is what happens when you let your parents be in charge, well she is old at 47. OK only put her age in to wind up some of my visitors! I know most of you could garden the pants off me (Ruth). Round two is on Sunday and from the pots to the rest of the Garden! Power tools are needed and i am not afraid to use themtwisted


  1. As an ancient 55 year old, (not that my opinion counts anymore, you young kids have no respect for your elders nowadays, when I was young a child was taught to do as they were told, to be seen and not heard and during the war......)I think the flower towers are going to look really beautiful. Just remember to water them (not that you will, you'll be out gallivanting with all the other young things, not sparing a thought for for anything else, typical youngster, start a job and don't finish it,probably couldn't sit in your garden anyway with all the loud, ear shattering music you kids play,).......etc etc

  2. Old at 47???? You cheeky bugger! ;)

    With your OLD mum supervising you'll soon have that lot planted up and turn the garden into a paradise!

  3. OK I'm old. And here's me thinking you were of age, but you can't be with a Mum of a mere 47...

  4. Sterling work Ms Pitt, I love the fact that you were out gardening, camera in hand, thinking of your blog ;-)

    You mum's only 13 years older than me, so watch it :-(

  5. Ok, you wound me up but in a good way. As a old lady of 59 and feeling it of late, I need to get back into the swing of things.

  6. Hi, I see you're into gardening, you might find this blog usefull