9 May 2007

Happy 100's: The Retirement!

Welcome to the last Happy 100's, alas i have decided to retire this featurecry
Why oh why i hear you cry! Basically i have so many random google searches and visitors coming in from memes its harder and harder to find the right visitor!
So i have decide to retire this wonderful feature and start picking my next Visit and Vote lucky victim!

So thank you for making this feature so much fun to do and i hope you continue to find my blog fun and intersting!


  1. visit and vote??? i want to play.

    smiles, bee

  2. Sad to see it go... I bet it got hectic though, I bet u get a ton of visitors! Hey where is my interview?

  3. Sad to see her go... Visit and Vote looks fun... I posted a pic of the hordes, btw - never suspected there'd be that many...

  4. Does this mean we can lurk now? ;)

  5. Have you considered keeping it going, but for 1,000s? That's what I do.