10 May 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Number 16

Thirteen Things about My Blog Time Line

I have reached over 11'000 visitors now and to be honest i am fairly amazed! Also i have been working hard at learning widgets and managed to change my template. I wouldn't of done anything at all if lovely folks hadn't visited me! So i thought i would do my 13 on the progress of my blog.

1.I started my Blog on the 29th of October 2006, i wasn't sure what i was doing or why i was doing it! I just thought it would help me keep a journal for my counselling studies. I posted it and then sat staring at my computer thinking 'now what?', will i get any visitors? am i talking to myself, hello?
My First Post
2.Well i got no comments on my first post so the next day i posted twice and decided to post a picture of myself? I got my very first comment and it was a nice one Profile Horror, note: Chris see nice things happen when we can see you!
3.At this point moving into November, i still didn't know what to blog about, so whatever popped into my head i would try and turn into a post. Hawaiian Party is a favourite post of mine because Ruth commented on my blog for the first time! The comment she leaves is bitter sweet because of circumstances now and brought a tear to my eye reading it just. I also decided to add a visitor counter and i choose sitemeter.
4.I finally decide to start posting my counselling homework on November 16th and i have really enjoyed doing it ever since Counselling Homework for me and you This post also brought some of my now blog regulars Tomcat and Colorado Bob, both have helped me a lot and generally changed my thinking about blogging. Who has influenced you?
5.After a slow start i then begin to start posting more regularly and sometimes more than one post a day and by December the disease had well and truly set in! Blog addiction! Blogging was a priority over Christmas shopping (no really!) .Christmas is over.
6.On January the 10th i did my first meme! Wordless Wednesday and from the comments you can see why i have made good friends with some of those folks!
7.Once i started on the memes i was hooked so my second meme followed shortly which you ask! Thursday Thirteen it seems so long ago!
8.With memes and counselling homework now a firm feature, as well as my unique sense of humour is decided to keep track of my hiking as well on this blog. Home from hiking.
9.Going through January i realised i posted a lot! phew but i have move onto February. I started February with a lovely post!lol! There is a dark side to some evil bloggers and i got a bit ranty!Blog rules blog etiquette blog bollocks! it was fun writing it though!
10.Then i was struck with a mood that has taken many a blogger away from us Lacksidaisical Blogger but it also made me realise how much i would miss blogging if i left it for good!
11.At the end of February i started a new meme, the fabulous Manic Monday! and also Pay per posts. Into March i started looking more into paid posting and more and more widgets and thingies for my blog! Also i did my favourite meme post Saturday Photo Hunt! Drink.
12.March was another month where i went a bit post happy and i wish i could mention everything but i would be here all day, so onto April! I really started to be a bit more technical and learn more things, I was really chuffed when i learnt the read more hack!Read More Hackwhich enabled me to do this post Thong Panties.
13.Hmmm how to sum up May well it aint over yet, but changing my template has been the most stressful but rewarding thing! Also starting my tips over at Blog-Op, where hopefully i can pass on some limited words of wisdom!

I could of gone on and on this TT!
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  1. That was interesting! Great idea for a TT, I might steal it one day! ;-)
    I listed 13 favourite food / snacks this week.

  2. Great 13 Claire; Glad I dropped by on that Hawaiian post or I could have missed out on blogmeeting you.

  3. you started blogging about the same time I did. My TT is also posted.

  4. Sounds like you are really enjoying blogging!!

    My TT is up.

  5. Your Blog is great Claire!
    Happy TT

  6. I enjoy visiting you Claire. I don't get around as often as I'd like, and usually I lurk. But, you are a funny, sassy gal. Congratulations of making a go of it.

  7. Great reminiscing. I'll have to go check that Hawaiian post out now.

    Happy TT!

  8. Cheers, to more blogging days ahead !!! well done Claire.

  9. Good for you for exploring this blog world more thoroughly. I need to learn more about widgets and all that can be done. I feel so tecnically challenged sometimes.

    Great post. Happy TT.

  10. This was especially cool for me to read, since I started my blog less than a month ago.

  11. i remember when you started commenting on my blog. i thought who is this cheeky girl? went to see... fast friends ever since!!!

    smiles, bee

  12. You know what's cool about you? The fact that you helped out a fellow blogger.

    Your blog is looking spiffy, what will the next six months bring?

  13. That was really interesting to read. As someone who only just starting reading your blog it was cool to see your evolution of this blog.

  14. Great looking blog, very impressive---hard to believe you started out as a rank novice. Very impressive work....

  15. Your TT is very encouraging to those of us who are fairly new to blogging and are floundering around in the dark trying to make sense of it all.

  16. So you count your visitors like one counts sheeps to fall asleep, lol ?
    I don't know the number because I hadn't a counter on my blog, I didn't know that it exists ! I started in July 2006 and my visitors I remember were coming as quick as a snail family !

  17. 11,000 eh? Are they all coming for the panties??


  18. Great TT. It's always wonderful to reach blogging success and I'd say 11,000 readers makes you a pretty successful blogger.

  19. Congratulations, Claire! You've made great job of it!

  20. Your blog's two weeks older than mine!

    No Photos :-(

    Keep up the good work Claire.

  21. Wow Claire! Congrats on 11K and I loved this walk through your blog's history...

  22. Neat to see your history, babe! This was a lot of fun.

    I'm up after some technical difficulties... *grumble*

  23. I love looking back at old posts. A lot of "I can't believe a wrote that" and "I remember that!"

    Great idea for a Thirteen!

  24. Good for you Claire. Pretty soon we will all be asking you for advice. Have a great day :)

  25. for being such a baby blogger, you have taken to it like a fish to water, thats for damned sure. Though you do strike me as an occasional rant girl :)

  26. I think blogging is see how it comes out at first, you tweak it, it becomes something else, you pour everything you have into it, then you ignore it for a while, then you find something like Thursday Thirteen to give you a small sense of structure and purpose...and it only demands of you what you want to give it. The polar opposite of parenting!!

  27. As I love history of all sorts, that was an excellent post! Looking forward to seeing what the next 11,000 visitors bring!

  28. Good idea for a post. I am the same with all the techie stuff and then realize I have posted or I haven't got anything to say to anyone.