3 May 2007

Hike 8: Ingleton

Hurray the tortoise has moved! I have now hiked 71.5 miles this year (115.07 km).
Hike 8 was in the lovely area of Ingleton, Jane Eyre country. There was not very many awe inspiring photo opportunities until we happened upon this cave.

Dare we go in?

Of course we do! but its very very dark!

Chris and Aly walk on ahead with a torch, i stay behind and mess with my camera, until it gets a bit scary

Thats my first attempt at capturing image in night scene mode ( i was inspired by blair witch).
While i was fannying about, i realise i cant see the floor and i am stranded until Chris shines the torch on the floor for me and i catch them up.

I think the night scene mode works well in caves. Although these photos in no way show how big and interesting this cave was.

Through this gap was a waterfall, but you cant really tell in these pics.
Then as you looked up there was weird mist that looked ghost like.

Time to leave the cave now, as it was getting a bit cold.

Wait for me!

Chris and Aly wave Bye!

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  1. good photos clair, you were just lurking around in the cave........

  2. Great hike!
    I especially love the Blair Witch Claire!

    And for us yanks, you know we call a "torch" a flashlight, right???


  3. How exciting! Caves! Oh the possibilities! :)

  4. NEAT hike.

    Man, I've SO got to come visit you...

  5. Gorgeous pictures! Do you have to drive a ways before starting your hikes, or do you walk from your house?

    BTW, talked to my girlfriend - she was in Cheshire (sp?) that's close to you isn't it?

  6. I went spelunking once - in Missouri, in the southern states. It was 90 degrees above ground and 50 in the cave.
    I really like your photo! I guess your hair is red...

  7. wow that looks like an awesome hike!

  8. Those are great pictures. You have a great camera, I love the in the cave pictures.

  9. Hey Kai, everything's close in the UK ;-)

    Some great photos my FHPOTNW, I look forward to seeing more :-)

    I also wish people wouldn't use the term 'spelunking' as it has an alternative meaning..... :-O

  10. good one mo! blair witch claire! ha ha ha...

    smiles, bee