20 May 2007

Sgt Dub jinxed me

Sgt Dub said these words in a recent comment:
Let's see, ear infection, loss of balance, bouncy castle, this could be loads of fun. Glad you are feeling better, we can actually read the joy in your words.

I think he was being sarcastic when he said this could be loads of fun, because it wasn't.
First of all when i woke up i felt pretty bad, so i decided to get to sisters house after the majority of the kids had left.
When i got there i thought what the heck how often do you get a bouncy castle to play with, so off the shoes went and on i jumped. I then promptly fell flat on my face, bounced around a bit and crawled off!
The rest of the afternoon was spent in a quiet room until it was time to take younger sister to the airport.

Lesson of today: If you have/had an ear infection recently don't go on a bloody bouncy castle!


  1. So does this mean you didn't get any photos?

    Gosh, girl...take care of yourself and feel better soon.

  2. Wise words Claire...I shall make sure I remember them. Hope you feel a bit better today and that nothing but your pride and "super cool auntie cred" was hurt.Rx

  3. hi claire. so sorry you did this (idiotic) thing honey. i sort of thought that might happen when i read the post saying you were going to do it but then i just thought, "what the hell? she must know what she's doing." sorry. now do we have to hear more stuff about what is leaking out of those ears honey? just askin'... (little idiot, but she is cute...)hope you feel lots better. what about taking today and "RESTING" claire? huh???

    smiles, bee

  4. I told you it would be loads of fun, I'm still laughing, (with you of course). I'm soo sorry, I don't mean too. hehe, (sorry, that slipped out). I am know to stir the pot a bit. I do sincerely hope you get to feeling better very soon. You DID sound better in your last post though.

  5. My sister got photos of the kids, none of me!

    I have rested today so am feeling better :)

    Hmm Sgt Dub i would of laughed too! think how i chortled at your little clothes line incident :D