20 May 2007

Skittles Interview Me!

Remember my interview by Mo? Click here to read it again Mo Interview Me!
Well shortly after this, i asked the lovely Skittles to interview me and i have neglected her!

Interview Questions:

1. You have a very popular blog. Does this surprise you? Why or why not?

Yes it surprises me totally! I honestly thought i would be typing away having conversations with myself and it didn't cross my mind that i would actually find other blogs that i liked.
What also surprised me was the fact that most of my visitors and the blogs i visit are not in the UK. I still talk to myself but at least i can pretend its you i am talking too.

2. Let's pretend you're a car. What are the similarities and differences between that and the real you?

Well in a recent blogthings test on your blog (skittles), i was a green car! If i was a car it would have to be pretty and environmentally friendly, also cheap. Hey that sounds a lot like mewink

3. Do you play any musical instruments? If so, what? If not, which would you like to learn?
Well i have two didgeridoos and i can get a tune out of them, but i haven't got the lungs for a sustained melody. I would really like to learn how to play it properly also would love to learn the drums. I would be like Animal off The Muppet's.

4. You're now a travel agent. Tell us why we should visit your city!
Stay Away! ha i live in an Industrial Town called Widnes in the Farnworth end (posh bit lol!) which is ideally situated to escape to nicer places. Its a hop skip and a jump to Liverpool and Manchester for shopping, drinking and eating. Also ideally situated to get to the lovely places i go Hiking, such as North Wales, Yorkshire Dales and the Peak districtHikes

5. Playboy magazine has contacted you to do a centerfold for them. Would you do it?
I already have.

From the Mo Interview i have sent questions to Shaz read her answers here Shaz
I sent some to Erika not sure if she got them?


  1. I had great fun answering your questions, thanks for the tag x x

  2. don't you have an accordion honey?

    smiles, bee

  3. Hah...what issue of playboy are ya in? Hubby might have it. *LOL*

  4. Great answers.

    I suppose your digeridoos and digeridonts?

  5. That should have read ARE not AND!

  6. Great answers!!!! I thought my blog would go unnoticed too.