18 Jun 2007

Don't know where, Don't know when.

This is a Claire announcement.

Well i have not had much support for my 'no blogging till i am back blogging' campaign!
So i am doing as many posts as i can fit in before sister takes me home, she said i could stay but that would mean sleeping in the room of death (tis dangerous), so i have to decline for my own personal safety.
So i will try and get back tomorrow, if not then definitely Wednesday. That means not to long to wait for a Claire fix, but buggers me up for making my blog millions!


  1. Okay Claire, that works for me. I have missed you terribly and it's just not the same without you. We need our hot tempered, cutie pie back in cyberspace. We are waiting. :)

  2. The room of death!!! Oo-er...
    BTW did the bath turn up OK....any other deliveries we could arrange for your sis so you have to go round to hers all the time?

  3. sorry about the not supporting the no blogging til Claire's back....
    but smack your Dad upside the head already!

  4. I agree with Morgan - give him two smacks, one from Morgan, one from me!

  5. So why is this room so dangerous?

    And I think you should start calling the internet company yourself...

  6. Come on Claire don't leave us hangin. What's the room of death. Is it moose heads or something???? Yes, did dad secretly disconnect the internet until you passed all your classes or is this his secret way of making sure you visit your sister and niece. What is the answer. Get to the bottom of it girly.

  7. Crap, crap and double crap! See you Wednesday then?
    Room of Death - you gotta elaborate - or is that your comeback post???

  8. England swings like a pendulum
    Bobbies on bicycles, two by two,
    Westminster Abbey the tower of Big
    Claire is lost in cyber space
    But she pops up now and then.....
    An evil eye is on her face
    She's gotta get out of that awful place.........

  9. Wow, Sarge, you impress me, you poet you!

  10. It is a sad day when you choose your personal safety over your blogging friends, and their needs for special "Claire" time