18 Jun 2007

Quick note

As i am doing my super quick blog rounds, it is so annoying that i have missed out on so much and cant participate!

I know why doesn't everyone else stop blogging till i am back?


  1. England swings like a pendulum
    Bobbies on bicycles, two by two,
    Westminster Abbey the tower of Big
    Claire is lost in cyber space
    But she pops up now and then.....

  2. Well, my crappy webhost has fallen over again, so it looks like you've got your wish :-(

    Glad you're feeling happier, see you back full time soon!

  3. okay, the whole internet will shut down until our red is back. right NOW, no NOW, no NOW, no NOW... right NOW y'all. stop it! you hear me! i see you blogging out there! shut down until our red is back! i mean it y'all... claire, they won't LISTEN to me.

    smiles, bee

  4. Sarge, I got the Roger Miller reference... but I don't know if Claire will....

    And as for not blogging so much, Claire, I was just thinking about announcing summer hours or something so that (now that I seem capable of it) I can get some actual work done for potentially paying clients....

    Hey! Maybe Chris will hire me to sue his IP -- he says it's in Chicago, you know....

  5. It's funny you saying that Claire because I was hoping my blog buddies will stop posting when I go on holiday! Will you? ;)

  6. blogging=sanity

    not blogging=insanity

    which would you rather...though, I suppose is I do become insane from not blogging by your could "counsel me".

  7. well, I have slowed my posts in support. Does that count?

  8. But then we'd all go insane! We are having to support each other while you're away!

  9. I was gone for three days on vacation and I don't think I'll ever get caught up! Grrr...

  10. You know...I've been so busy with work, school and work that I would LOVE to have everyone stop for a few days too.

    But it won't happen.

    I've already lost some readers 8( because I'm not as exciting as I was before I lost all of this sleep...

    Oh well.

  11. I've done my best - re my TT!