25 Jun 2007

Keep Reading!

While i am at my sisters i have just posted some new stuff. So scroll down to see whats been happening in my world.

Whilst babysitting i will try and get round to you all, but no promises. Just a big thank you for your continued support and those that have said nice things about me.



  1. A little of Claire is better than no Claire!

    Did you get the message about your award?

  2. Hope you finally get your internet issues taken care of -soon! I've been having problems for the past month now with my provider. Those fools keep returning e-mails, mainly to the Yahoo groups I belong to -telling them my account has been closed due to inactivity. This message was even received by some of my really close friends who just about went hysterical with laughter over the thought that any e-mail account in my name would EVER be "inactive!" I am pretty much known to be the one who camps out on the computer - day in, day out!

  3. hiya red! welcome back you little banger or manger or whatever the hell it is... i need a refresher course on this stuff, ok?

    smiles, bee

  4. Glad you could pop in for a little bit at least. I will be quite happy when you are back amongst the blogging on a regular basis as I sure miss you when you're not around!