25 Jun 2007

Sports Day the fuller version

As mentioned on one of my brief returns to blogging, nephew number one (Ewan) had a sports day. Known as track and field day over the pond (I think. This is an ancient tradition over here is sunny England (note heavy sarcasm on sunny as it had already been delayed once due to heavy rain). This is a wonderful time where parents get to see their children’s sporting prowess or distinct lack of. Parents get to watch sports day throughout the school ages of 5-11, once your in high school 11-16 that stops, so they all flock to these events. I have been blessed with a very sporty nephew so no embarrassing moments for me, not that I would really mind, it’s the taking part that counts (but he did win both of his races and they where all taller than him!).
Keep on reading for more pictures and info!
Can you spot him in the above photo?

The kids are split into 5 teams, with kids from each age group spread out between Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Black. Ewan was in the green team. Each race would give the team points.
His first was sprinting 50 metres, note the rather large kid next to him but after last minute instructions from his dad, he got off to a speedy start. It’s all in the toes apparently.

In the interest of fairness, boys are also made to do the skipping race (jump rope?) which is a funny site to see, as some just run with the rope and make no attempt to skip, Ewan was spared this.

His second race was an obstacle race, which entailed running back, and to collecting little beanbags, placing them in a hoop and then sprinting to the finishing line, and by golly he won again!

Other classic races over here are the sack race, cross-country, egg and spoon, and the relay. The over all winners were the Red Team (yep I booed!) with the Green Team coming 2nd, but who cares how many other parents or relatives had a two time winner!

Have you got kids or relatives that have recently participated in a Sports Day?


  1. yep, i see him. stop by and see my sunday post about you......

  2. Olympic potential there! Nice to see kids being allowed to compete! For the last few years the competition element has been taken out of the local schools sports days. Seems it's not fair to non sporty kids. Well Maths isn't fair to non academic kids...they still have to do that though!

  3. I echo what Ruth says about kids being allowed to compete, a rarity these days unfortunately. Well done to your nephew!

  4. Congratulations on your nephew winning two events. Good for him. Great pictures too. You should be proud, and yes I would have booed the red team too.

  5. Looks like loads of fun. And congrats on your little 2 time winner!

  6. Great photos, Claire! :)
    Looks like he had lots of fun!

  7. I hated sports day as a child but love the 3 legged race for mother's! How better to embarrass the ickle ones . . .lol

  8. thank you claire i love the pictures and see all my freinds was i like 7 there i am now 13 so that was a long time ago but nice to have memories that i was fast when i was younger and still am the fastest in my year now

  9. Replies
    1. You are welcome Ewan, it is nice to have the memories! Yes you have always been Mr Speedy :) Wish I could see more of your sporting achievements :)