9 Jul 2007

Ad Alert! This is not an Ad.

I need to throw out some ads to make some cash for my holidays!
First a week in Scotland visiting wee heather (younger sister), I am going with elder sister and the skids. There will be walks on the beach, at least one day of good weather (please god!) and a banger derby. Heather’s fella john is taking in part in the banger derby, just in case you think this is some sausage thing, it is in fact old beat up cars. Also a plus point is that I will be able to use the Internet every day! (Sad but true!).
Then my next trip away is to Italy, Tuscany to be exact.! I am going on the 17th of August for 5 days with my mate Karen, her fella and some of their friends. It looks like a lovely place owned by the parents of one of the folks we are going with. I will be flying from Liverpool and they are flying from London, then hopefully meeting up at the airport. Karen is travelling with her fella and mates, while I will be on my own. So I will be on my bill at the airport trying to look like a confident traveller, but in reality hoping that they don’t make me take my shoes off at the security point!
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  1. Sounds like a fun time to be had. I've only seen Banger racing once and that was in Cornwall...great fun to watch!!

  2. Oh no not the shoe thing! I remember travelling back rom NZ with 2 young tired children, 4 sets of hand lugage, 3 LARGE suitcases, carrying boarding passes & pass ports then being asked to carry our shoes! Nightmare! I suggest you wear flip flops that it in your hand bag!

  3. Wow! What a heck of a trip. Sounds fab, girl! (Now, that made me sound old, sorry!)

  4. So you're wasting money on some dumb trip to Tuscany when you were supposed to be saving to come to Canada eh? .... huh.

    (j/k - I hope you have a GREAT time!)

  5. Don't wear clunky shoes and they don't make you take them off in my experience :-)

  6. hey i thought you were going to italy when we went red, you little smasher...

    smiles, bee