6 Jul 2007

Here i am again!

A short post today, just to say that nothing has changed on the Internet front! I am catching up on emails and everybody elses blog today.
As far as the weekend goes, i am babysitting tonight i think, hiking tomo and no idea what else!
Apart from beaver related cutting out ( read posts below to find out more on that front).

Hope everyone else has fun weekend planned?


  1. This is silly, threaten that you have a transcript off all your calls & plan to send it to the papers!

    Plans for the weekend include a trip to the cinema to see Shrek,

    Missin' ya x x x

  2. Hi Claire. I do hope you get this absurd ISP issue worked out soon.

  3. Have a wonderful weekend Claire. Sorry you still don't have any resolution on your Internet Service Provider.

  4. This is getting silly Claire; shall I arrange to send the boys round to Orange..the knee cap job's still on offer!

  5. I think you need to take Ruth up on her offer! Nail the bloody buggers knees to the coffee table!!

    As for this weekend, off to my grandson's 2nd birthday party tomorrow and then back to work for 16 hours on Sunday. Hope you have a lovely hike!

  6. No big plans this weekend. Need to do some house work and yard work...but it's so damn hard to get away from the computer. Next weekend we have big birthday party planned for my nephew. Should be loads of fun! :)

  7. Hey woman - I just awarded you a nifty little award over at my blog. Come check it out when you get the chance - and the internet!