26 Jul 2007

Broken to Broker!

Last week i wrote a post called Broken in which i mentioned that my nephew had broken his arm. The break was more serious than we first thought and he had surgery on it yesterday. The operation went OK as far as they can tell for now and Ewan is home.

They were meant to be going to Scotland on Tuesday, but obviously this had to be cancelled. Heather thought she would come down here for a visit instead, only to be told once she arrived yesterday that they were coming after all and are setting off tonight. I was meant to be going but i decided to let my mum go instead of me. So while they are heading off up to heathers, heather is stuck here waiting for a lift home off her fella, once he has finished dropping off water to the flooded masses!


  1. what the bugger? red speak english for god's sake! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. Poor little guy! I'm glad he came outta surgery okay. I hope he is all okay and he's back to himself in no time.

  3. I remember when Nicole broke her ankle last year they told her it was just a sprain for 3 days and told her to exercise it and walk on it! Hope Ewan is soon on the mend (gentle hug). Nice of you to let your Mum go to Scotland.

  4. Oh poor little Ewan! Glad he's on the mend though.

  5. What did you say Claire? I got the broken arm part, but what else did you say. Glad the nephew is going to be okay now. :)

  6. Awwww, poor little guy. But kids heal fast.