26 Jul 2007

No floods here!

Hello, just i would let you know that i am safe and sound where i live. Not a whiff of a flood, lots of rain though :(
I live in the North of England and for the moment the flooded areas are in the central and southern parts of England.
Heather (my sister) partner John is a trucker and has been delivering bottled water to the worse hit areas in Gloucester.

Latest update: Further flooding is expected in Britain as parts of central and southern England remain under water.

Thank you for your concern :)
I will let you know if things change for the worse around here, but the River Mersey (near me) is a tidal river and i live uphill from it, so i don't for see any problems.


  1. glad you are okay red! that's a relief. did orange get flooded and sky too? whoppers...

    smiles, bee

  2. Oh no! I'm with Bee...I'm glad you're okay, Claire!

  3. I knew you were in Northern England and that the flooding was in south of you, but thanks for the update! Every time I hear about "England's Under Water" on our news, I do think of you, though.

  4. You and Akela have been on my mind when I see the news. Glad to here you're ok!

  5. Every time I hear England is under water I think, And?

    The farmers and builders have been turning the UK into a flood plain for years. Time for a change.

  6. Glad you're ok. I feel so sorry for those who have had their lives devastated by these floods. Insurance may help rebuild and replace but some things are irreplacable.Now there's even a scare of Cholera! Hopefully that's just media hype.

  7. I live in the North like you Claire so we're OK too but it's terrible what some people are having to endure.

  8. Thanks for telling us you're safe.

  9. Glad it hasn't affected you too badly yet.