3 Jul 2007

Gardening Dynamite!

While my dad was away camping with the nephews, my mum sneakily got a gardener in to blitz the weeds and TEN+ bags later it was cleared, but due to the bloody rain I haven’t been able to take before and after pictures (so above image is a somewhat accurate picture). It is looking much better and I am sure when the neighbours looked at their windows they would have had a heart attack. I was not exaggerating when I likened it to a weed paradise after a nuclear holocaust!


  1. Tut, Tut Claire . . . if I can garden inthe rain you should be able to take photographs! Pants! get out there girl, go ----->

  2. Now you're all ready to make your liitle paradise! Don't forget to include BBQ & wine cooler!

  3. Can't wait to see the 'after' piccies.

  4. Hey Claire ....I haven't been by for a while...looks like you have been busy...the know it never ends...I spent most of the spring cutting down trees and clearing an area behind my know now...damn weeds and wild stuff is grown back...I was looking out there today and think dear god this can't I have to go tackle it on my next days off.....take care....keep walkin seem to be doing very well....cheers