3 Jul 2007

Have you got one in you?

Dear god where is she going with this title? Can you guess? Probably not because nobody really thinks along the same lines as me! (It’s a dark and scary place).
Someone has said other than me, that everyone has at least one book in him or her. I think they mean to write one and not the ability to swallow one whole (me funny). Everyone has a story to tell, it may be a very boring story but it is a story. So do you have one in you? I know some folks have the talent as mentioned in my previous post, but what would you write about? Fact or fiction?
Do I have one in me? Hmm my problem is that I have many many ideas but lack the ability to bring it all together.
I would love to write a fantasy children’s novel; yes I love Harry Potter! I have lots of ideas with gnomes involved. What else, I would also like to write my travel memoirs, but that would of course entail travelling which I haven’t got round to yet. As I said I have many many ideas.


  1. I would write funny fiction loosely based on fact. The fact being life with two kids & two Great Danes is akways an adventures!

  2. i think sarge should write a book. i think he would be wonderful, but he just keeps playing poker. sigh...

    smiles, bee

  3. I'd either like to write a who-dun-it or a steamy sex novel..(who-dun-what-to-who). Naturally Sean Bean would play the lead when I sold the film rights!

  4. Did you not join in the 'Experiment' Claire?

    You could have tried out your writing skills there like quite a few of us bloggers are doing.

    I haven't the patience to write a book I'd rather blog.

  5. One?

    I got WAY more than one in me.

    Now, to find the time to get them all down on paper and into print!

  6. OK, who else read 'Writer Sex Periment' in the above comment but one?

    I would think my blogs are ample proof that there are no stories within me....

  7. I did, I though Akelamalu was taking up writing porn

    I have stories I just can't remember them.