2 Jul 2007

Hike 10: The Sandstone Trail part one!

Well if you have been paying attention to my little tortoise mile counter, you will have noticed that I have reached the 99.5 mile mark! Which is 160 kilometres (I think).
This hike started off as another 11 miles, which would make it one third of the Sandstone Trail. Due to nice weather and insanity, it was decided that instead of the 11 miles we would do 17 miles! Which was half the sandstone trail. As this hike was just Aly and me, we decided on a nice easy route which involved handy little sign posts all along the route! Yes I am female, therefore am crap with maps.
In this walk I tried to capture some lovely English countryside including fields and trees, as for some reason I haven’t took many photos of trees before and I love them! Also Mo wanted to see some I think?
This walk is also the nearest to my house, less than an hour away. Because of the location I managed to capture some of the not so nice bits of this area, including where my dad works.

What city is that in this distant?

Keep om going for more pictures and crazy ramblings from me!

Then after a mile or so we found this very old silver birch tree, which had a memory book hidden inside for people to leave a note. It is very unusual for a birch to last to such a great age so I had to give it a hug (no pictures of that).

So after spending a long time with the tree, it was time to move on!
Field after field we went through as you will be able to see in the slide show and many of these things (stiles)! That kill after you crossed about twenty of them.
I have tried to put the slide show in order, so it should run from views from Frodsham Hill where the walk started, to the old tree, through fields and stiles and end up at the canal with a view of a castle.

Cool Slideshows!


  1. Love the idea of leaving little notes in the tree.

  2. Wow, what awesome photos!

    Looks like you had a nice time. I'd go with you, but I would for sure tire out before we'd gone a mile. You'd hafta get me on the way back. Heh heh

  3. Great pictures Claire! I love the idea of the memory book!

    A tree hugger are ya? You'd fit right in over here! hehe

  4. you walk too far honey. i neep a nap seeing how far you walk. i like the tree claire. i know! you could walk and pull me behind in a wagon???

    smiles, bee

  5. Wow! You rock! A 17 mile hike. My wife and I go hiking every weekend. We sometimes log 100 hikes a year, so you'd be a delight to hike with.

    But most of your hikes are less than 10 miles given the fact that most of them have some very intense climbing.

    You go girl!

  6. Lovely foliage. Just beautiful.

  7. I like the idea of the note book in the tree, but if it was hidden how did you know it was there?????

  8. Thanks, Shaz! I was wondering that. That's a great idea.
    I can't hike anymore until I get my knee "fixed." But just looking at your photos helps!!! Gorgeous..

  9. I really enjoyed seeing the slideshow of your walk - beautiful countryside. Hope you get your internet connection issues ironed out soon!

  10. Liverpool. Do I win a prize?