2 Jul 2007

Hold onto your hats!

You may have gathered that a lack of internet has not stopped me writing away so hold onto your hats while i publish my pre-written posts!

So i hope you enjoy the posts i lovingly wrote while banging my head against the computer screen, missing blogging so much!

I keep adding to this post while i am still here! I have plenty more pre written stuff and have had to restrain myself from publishing it all now.

Dad is coming to sisters tomo (He better bloody had!) to cancel the current connection (ha! what connection) and sort out a new one!


  1. Wahey some Claire thoughts to read!

  2. Whew! I'll be glad when he gets it all sorted out.

  3. yeah plus all that loot you are missing on the ppp's!!! don't forget that!

    smiles, bee

    (the little banger head! or something like that! munger? tounger? )

  4. Nice to see that you were out and about to visit some today - been missing you! I'm hoping Dad gets that bloody internet fixed soon!

  5. Just look at all the great experiences you're having away from blogging that you get to tell us all about when you get re-connected!

  6. Tell him to pull his finger out, else there'll be a posse of angry bloggers on his doorstep, and nobody needs that!

  7. I think you are being very patient my dear & creative with the pre-written posts, go Claire x x

  8. Chris -- a posse of angry bloggers? You mean we'd have to leave our keyboards?

    I don't know.....

    But, Claire, I'm glad to hear you're finally going to get this straightened out.