5 Jul 2007

Internet Status

Well I am sat here at my lovely computer desk and still no connection! So no doubt I will be posting this at my sisters tomorrow or Thursday. The lovely (SARCASM ALERT) internet folks latest attempt to dodge responsibility was to blame the sky connection, but it had been working fine with that until this catastrophe and on my google searching they have tried this on other poor folks.
But I did what they suggested and guess what? It didn’t make one single bit of difference. Now what!
Also a little confession, when I said it was I phoning up and giving them hell, it has actually been my sister posing as me!
So the poor soul doesn’t even live her but I made her do the phoning and now she has to go through it all again. This is still of course my dads fault, as he should be doing it! So still no nearer to solving this, hopefully it gets cancelled soon and I get a new connection!
As silver neurotic said even dial up would be better than nothing at all!


  1. Nothing for nothing, Claire, but I think it's way past time your Dad was taken out for a flogging using the useless Internet connection.

    Does the man not know that you have hundreds of Blog-fans the world over who have been going through withdrawal symptoms while you've been without a useful Internet? That and our bloody language lessons have gone right down the proverbial loo and we've all forgotten how to translate British slang??


  2. Make your Dad walk the plank, from the boat you have probably built to escape the floods!

  3. well cankers claire. what mack. and i have been learning all the brit words real good while you were gone, you will be proud of me. you little banger!

    smiles, bee