5 Jul 2007

Out of the ear juice into the sinus mucus!

Boy do I love my creative post titles! I think I just like the idea of you reading them and thinking urgghh do I wanna keep on reading. Which of course you do.
So along with no Internet I thought the dreaded ear juice had returned. Instead of putting up with it for weeks I hauled myself to the doctors and found out I have sinus issues! This means a lot of mucus builds up. I have interpreted this as drowning in my own mucus, being kept awake at night coughing it up and generally feeling like crap. The doctor was lovely and recommended Sudafed which I have yet to get as I have been to busy. This Sudafed will apparently dry up the mucus and clear my poor stuffy head, we shall see.
Its still bloody pissing down, so I can’t even get out to go and get my Sudafed! I will have to make a run for it when it next calms down.

Update: Managed to get out and get some of the tablets and mucus is somewhat cleared up.


  1. Do what the doctor tells you and take your Sudafed - it will work as a sponge towards getting that sinus mucus mopped up and out of your poor head.

    I'm just glad you don't have the ear juice and sinus mucus flowing at the same time as that just makes for one horribly gross mental picture!

  2. the ear juice and mucus is way to much information thanks Claire.

    Hope it clears up soon now you've got the sudafed. x

  3. You poor dear. Hope it clears you up quickly. Thank god for sudafed.

  4. I'm staring to think you have "iisues" with rain & could be in need of a good counsellor . . . lol

  5. Sudafed can make you feel very thirsty....and that doesn't mean drink more booze!