23 Jul 2007

Manic Monday: Wind

At last i have returned to Manic Monday, my internet connection is not back at home yet :(
But it will be soon (or else!)
So what does WIND bring to mind? Well just look at my window and see the WIND and rain :(

If you have to have WIND it should be to rustle the leaves of lovely tree's when i am off hiking.
Tree photo from last hike i did! but with all this wind and rain, who knows when the next one will be. If you want to see more of England via my hiking photos click here

It wouldn't be a Claire Manic without some music so read on.


  1. you windy little red girl... rocker.

    smiles, bee

  2. Sorry to hear that you're "blowing in the wind" over there - hope it clears up soon!

    My MM will be up tomorrow - I'm actually playing along this week!

  3. Welcome back to MM! It's great to hear that you'll soon have your reliable internet back.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed thought, just in case.


  4. No mention of flatulence? You should be here after the cabbage we had last night...plenty of wind!

  5. I expected flatulance too Ruth! Hmmm, now why we would we expect that? . . . lol.

  6. I can relate the weather issue. It's starting to get to us over here - 4 days of fairish weather since the kids' holidays started late June...
    Anyway - happy MM Claire - I'm off to cast an optimistic vote on your poll now...

  7. What a gorgeous pic that second one is. Outstanding.

  8. great pictures about your hiking.

    beautiful places too.

  9. Is it ever going to quit raining? Good luck on the new ISP. At least Orange went to heaven. Have a great MM. :)

  10. wow, wonderful pictures!! Happy MM.

  11. I've heard you guys are getting some nasty weather - too cold for naked hiking then eh?


  12. I'll trade you some rain for heat...I love the rainy forest photo. I'd like to live right there with a brook or stream running close by.

  13. Great MM post, Claire! I loved those photos. Did you see my little mini-hikers? We went on a family hike this weekend and I thought of you!!!