22 Jul 2007

Sick and Tired of this bloody weather!

I am absolutely fed up with the constant rain! I must have a memory lapse every year because i can never remember it raining this much in July, but i am assured it does. Whats wrong with rain? Nothing when you are on the inside gazing out, but everything is wrong when you want to go hiking. Its been a fair few weeks and the hills are a calling! (also the need to lose weight!) and i need to break the 100 mile barrier.
Also it is not helping me get into holiday mood for Italy, how can you shop for happy, cheery holiday clothes when its is pissing down and gloomy?
Well in an extra effort to get me motivated into buying holiday clothes such as swim wear, which i am not looking forward too. I am off shopping this Thursday to Blackpool, which apparently has an excellent Primark and other big shops. Malls aren't a big feature in this corner of the world, so you have to hunt for your bargains. You also buy all sorts of tat and interesting items from this Great British resort. Also a certain blogger i know has connections to Blackpool :)

In the Room of Doom post i mentioned the swish bathroom: Swish means posh,luxurious!
Here is the progress so (not swish yet)

PS. Chris is back after a long long absence! Thermal


  1. Thanks! I thought that's what swish meant!

  2. Just think though...with the weather being so bad here the price of bikinis will come down. You'll be able to afford one for every day of the week!

  3. So will we get a pic of the bikini being modeled? :-D

  4. Oh, swish...I can't wait to see it swishy! :)