21 Jul 2007

Meet the Family!

I thought i would introduce you to some of my family. Not my parents because they are ugly! OK they are not that hideous, i just haven't got any decent digital pictures of them. Seeing as i practically live at my sister jemmas house in what i like to call babysitting for blogging, its only right that her and Ste (other half) make an appearance on my blog. They are also the parents of the nephews, Ewan and Connor who feature above (snot an all!)

Then there is little sister Heather, who currently resides in the wee Highlands of Scotland with her Highland Trucker (say that fast) John. She is in fact taller than me, so about 5'11.

Apparently Jemma and I look alike, but we don't see it. Also Jemma and Heather look alike but me and Heather dont! Confused? me too.


  1. nice shots, now i want to see the ugly ones bad!!! ha ha

    you little swinger...

    smiles, bee

  2. Lovely family you have there and your sister has beautiful teeth! Please don't take that the wrong way, you probably have beautiful teeth, too, but we never see them and rumors abound horribly over here across the Pond about the sad state of most Brits' teeth!

    I've never quite figured that out as - trust me on this - there are an awful lot of Americans with bad dental work, too!

    Really now - you must get a shot of the parents! I'd like to see what the man I have been cursing at for so long over the sad state of your Internet connection looks like!

  3. Lovely pics. I think you all look alike, or at least you can see you are all related x x

    Have you been to pic up that free lap top frpm PC world when you register with "Orange?" Can see the point to a free lap top myself if they never get round to connecting you!!!!

  4. What a lovely family you've got...what's your sister going to do when she can't bribe you with blogging to get you to babysit! Only kidding...know you love all that puke and drool

  5. They are all lovely, Claire. I can see a resemblance between you and Jemma. You are very beautiful girls.

  6. I can definitely see the resemblance between you 3, your eyes and face shapes.

  7. I see a family resemblence between you sisters! You're very pretty girls!!! Yeah, bring on your dad! Gotta see this guy that supports Orange...

  8. You are blessed with a lovely family.