21 Jul 2007

Room of Doom!

I think i may of got people's hopes up when i mentioned the room of doom at my sisters house. It is not an S&M dungeon or anything exciting like that! That's at home in my bedroom :)
They are having a rather swish bathroom installed downstairs and when they started work on it they realised that the room of above was built without a proper support wall and therefore was a room of doom! They say its OK for me to sleep in tonight but you never know.
I will do an update soon of the swish bathroom, as i have been put in charge of the before, during and after pictures! Perhaps Crazy Working Mom will offer her professional opinion!


  1. OOer...sleeping in a room of doom AND reading Harry Potter....hope no nasty wizardry occurs.

  2. Which profession? ;)

  3. Since we haven't heard from you today I guess You either did finish HP or there was a room of doom mishap!!

  4. I'm curious about this swish bathroom. Is swish another term for posh, elegant, room to die for?