14 Jul 2007

Nearly missed this piss taking review!

During this long long internet isolation I have no doubt missed a lot in blog world, but I am glad I found this great review that pisstaker Ed did!(The Pisstakers).
I had totally forgotten that I was due one. Although I am pretty sure I was promised some gummy bears? Where are they? Don't make me angry, I am already on the edge (some would say way over). In all seriousness, Ed did a great job of reviewing me and I think really captured the essence of me! Go and read it (code for get me some sweets!) My Review.
Also I hopefully have caught up with all my schmoozes and awards, if I haven't I apologise! They will eventually work their way onto my blog.


  1. Think he's summed you up to a T; especially liked the studying too late bit. Cool sense of humour he's got.

  2. great review red, you little spanker!

    smiles, bee

  3. Wow, that is an awesome review!

    Congrats, Claire. :)

  4. I like his style. I left a response on his site.