14 Jul 2007

Angry Beaver (assistant leader)

Yes I am an angry assistant beaver leader today! Linda our illustrious leader did not drop off the finger puppet template meaning I could not do anything to it. Yet again we will be distinctly under prepared compared to the other packs. I have a feeling she does this on purpose to gain attention for herself, which is fine for her, but it is me and my sister that have to run round after the little ones.
I had many a good idea, and even went as far as creating our very own beaver mascot.
Click read more to see him!

Say hello to my beaver: Bede. He is called Bede, as our pack is the 4th St Bedes.
I am rather pleased with how he turned out, but he will not make it to finger puppet status tonight.

What is really strange about her behaviour is that she restarted the beaver section in this pack, as she wanted to be in charge? I really don’t understand her at all. Well it’s the fun day tonight and as well as our pack there is also four more, so that’s 60+ beavers to entertain and all we will have is crappy finger puppets! I will let you know how it goes.

I successfully survived crappy finger puppet fun, luckily for our illustrious beaver leader, who for some reason wont accept her official title of brown beaver (or grey was my suggestion). The other packs where equally under prepared and everything was a bit rushed so in fact crappy finger puppets weren't so crappy in the end.


  1. Bede is really cute. I didn't realise that you were artisitic as well as all your other talents. Is there no end to the supernesss of SuperClaire! As for the pack leader....there's always someone like thatin any team/workplace...aren't they a pain! Glad everyone elses finger puppets turned out to be just as crappy as yours :o)

  2. Bede looks like Beaver Leader has annoyed him! I agree with Ruth about "there's on ein every work place" just hope I manage not to kill the one in ours!

  3. Any kind of "club" I belonged to was totally underprepared all the time. I think its a requirement for leaders to lack that "get up and go" gene.