17 Jul 2007

They went to Blackpool and all i got was.......

Well as you read in the post below , the family went off to watch Widnes smash Whitehaven in the Northern Rail Cup. Yes 54-6 is a good result!(That's Ewan in his Widnes top).
The Match was in Blackpool which is a big seaside town, full of fairground rides, donkeys and candy floss (Blackpool info)
So guess what my lovely family got me for babysitting?
Warning reading more may damage your teeth :)


  1. I think you need to explain it is rock candy, at least I think it is. I remember Blackpool rock, the one I liked is the dog poop candy!

  2. Cock on a stick! We get those here in Nottingham at the Goose Fair once a year...

  3. Haha, is that what I think it is?

  4. Oh my ... and to think that my mother's mother hails from Blackpool! Now I definitely have to get over there and check it out one of these days!!

    Perhaps you can by my tour guide?