8 Aug 2007

Hike 11: Three Shire Heads to the Roaches part 2

Well yesterday in Part 1, i left you with us sat staring at the map eating our sandwiches. Eventually we got back on track and made it to the first official off track point of interest.
Which was the Lud's Church.

This is where they say the Lollards(condemned as heretics) hid out in the 14th Century – and it is easy to see why. Who would ever find this place without a map and a knowledgeable guide? Books will casually remark that Luds Church is ‘worth a diversion’. It is worth much more than that. Luds Church must be one of the weirdest and wonderful of places and deserving of more than a throwaway nod.

This natural cleft is over 100 yards in length and in height over 20 yards high in places. Here the light of day rarely reaches and damp mosses curl down from the walls. If you stop and listen, even on the sunniest of days, it is possible to hear the drip and drip of water from the ferns which cling to the sides of this cleft. Perhaps of greatest significance is that this spot has been identified as The Green Chapel – the very place where Sir Gawain met and battled with the Green Knight one new year’s day long ago.

The Temperature dropped sharply as soon as we entered the church, it is said that the sun never shines here and think they may be right! It was a very hot day but being in this place you would of never known that.

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  1. Your photos are brilliant Claire. One day you are going to have to take me here!

  2. Wow - those are some great pictures and that place looks like somewhere I would definitely love to go - especially with legend and lore attached to it!

    And honestly - you do look like someone out of "The Blair Witch Project" with that look on your face!

  3. WOW! Now these photos - well, just fantastic. I gotta agree with Linda too about the history of this place adding a whole different dimension to it. You know, you said earlier your greatest post hadn't yet been written but I dunno kid, I think this one, with the photos, really ranks pretty doggone high!