8 Aug 2007

My Best Shot for Blog-Op

My old chum Chris at Blog-Op has recently done a post called Give Me Your Best Shot in which he would like you to think about a post you have done in the past that didn't quite get the response you were hoping or no response at all! Go and read the the post to find out more Give Me Your Best Shot.

‘The Rules’
  1. Write a post telling your readers about your ‘best shot’ and link them to it.
  2. Linkback to the blog which first asked you to give your best shot.
  3. Ask your readers for their best posts, and then ensure you read and comment on them.
So what has been my best shot? Well i have trawled through my posts and been happy that most of them have been well received. I also don't write really long posts so people don't get a chance to ignore them anyway! People come to my blog for different things, some for the hikes, some for the funny, some for counselling, some for photos and some just for me!
My best shot obviously hasn't been written yet, unless anybody has any particular favourite posts?
If i really had to pick it would be all of them! even the crap as its all me :)

So come and tell me what has been your best shot?
You might also want to show off your most popular post?


  1. Greetings o' red-headed one across the sea!

    I liked the idea of this so much that I promptly dug through my archives and produced a post linking to both yourself and your chum, Chris.

    You can find it here!

  2. This is a pretty good idea - kind of like the archive meme that has been making the rounds.

  3. I'm really new to these memes. I'm not sure I fully understand.
    I like the idea of wordless wednesday and I think I can participate by just adding myself through your site but what about this one? I am supposed to find a post of my own that I wanted to get a big response from but didn't, is that right?
    I'm sorry if I'm making a mess out of this. I am extremely eager to learn how to make my blog successful and viewed and admired by as many people as possible so please bare with me.
    So, am I on the right track?
    Thanks for the help.
    Love the site as well. Beautiful photos to say the least.

  4. Great idea but as I've only been blogging since February I'll leave it a while.

  5. Cheers Claire! Modest aren't we? ;-)

    Thanks Linda, I'll be over to have a read...

    Robert, that's exactly it: Find one of your own that you thought was good, but met with resounding silence, and let us know (leave a comment here & link Claire back). Then we'll all come read it.

    Akelamalu, that's still 6 months of blogging, I'm sure you can find one :-)

  6. I jumped at this one too... but I settled on one old post eventually....