13 Aug 2007

Italy on Friday!

I know i have only been back to blogging normally for a couple of weeks, but alas i am bogging off this Friday very early in the morning to Italy!
I am going to Tuscany and staying at the Casa Marchi, which looks lovely! I have checked out the local area and it is absolutely gorgeous, ideal hiking country.
My bedroom will be like this, jealous anyone?

I will be gone till Wednesday but then i am off again to Yorkshire :)
So would you like me to arrange to have a few posts published while i am away?


  1. looks great Clair, enjoy, we are going in October

  2. Um...I'm just wondering why you haven't sent me my ticket yet.


  3. couldn't wait to go with me, eh? oh well, red. have a wonderful time. sorry we won't meet yet. and yes, have some posts ready to entertain me please. thanks...

    smiles, bee

  4. Would love some posts while you are away. No I'm not jealous. Have a great time. :)

  5. I want to go on holiday :-(

    Yes, do leave some posts while you are away.

  6. We just get you back and now you're disappearing again...BOO HOO.....I'll admit I'm really envious but shall console myself with the fact that you're gonna come back with loads of wonderful photos of Italian sights....golden, glistening, half dressed Italian studs....I mean... beautiful architecture and historical Italian landmarks.
    I reall think you should make some arrangements to publish some posts...what will your adoring public do without their daily quota of "naked", "nipple" and British slang.

  7. Amen, Ruth! You took the words right outta my mouth!
    We haven't had a vacation since '03. Just a weekend at the coast would be nice...:^)

  8. Alright for some!!!!

    Have fun & take lots of photos :-)

  9. of course, if you get to visit such a beautiful place the least you could do is blog a little foe us!?!?!?!?
    Just kidding, have a wonderful time, blogging or no blogging!

  10. You will escape the bad weather over here, lol ! We are going to the Lake of Garda on Sept 15 for a week my Mr. Gattino wants to see his family ! (I less) If I don't "drop" by before Friday have a nice trip and enjoy your holidays. I just came back from wonderful sunny holidays in Eastbourne !

  11. Have a fab time, you deserve it x x