14 Aug 2007

Why for the love of god!

Why for the love of god! Do i always leave things to the last minute! I am trying to motivate my arse ( and the rest of me)to take back the tops that need changing and finish my holiday shopping. Instead of being sat on the train now, i am sat here!
I think i will have a bucket of coffee to wake myself up a bit.

Update: Well the coffee sort of worked but it started to bucket down with rain, so i cant be bothered! So that of course means that i will be running around like a blue arsed fly tomorrow and Ruth has one more day to leave her drawers untidy! I bet get on with my other chores nowsad


  1. Tell you what I'll get off my arse and clear out my drawers (bet that raised a giggle) instead of sitting here on the computer if you get your shopping finished. Deal?

  2. Coffee is a wonderful thing to get rid of those procrastination issues :)

    I also want to have a tshirt I have ideas...To Cafepress!

    And it is a pretty link I think ^_^


  3. I'm the complete opposite with packing...everything else I leave to the last minute...but packing...I'm the one who's sitting watching everyone else rush around like mad.

  4. I am second in line to being "Queen of Procrastination." Perhaps you, Claire, are trying to take my place next to the throne? (The queen being the lady who was(is) the editor/publisher of the little local monthly publication I wrote for over the past three years.) Coffee anymore, only makes me move towards the bathroom more -only wakes me up and keeps me awake when I really want and need to go to sleep too. Just like chocolate, which many fellow students when I was in college used to tell me to have a candy bar and it would wake me up, that stuff knocks me out then -puts me to sleep almost immediately. Go figure, huh?
    I hate packing though -because I can never make a decision as to what clothes to take! (same thing applies to shopping - I can never decide which color top or whatever would be the best choice!)
    Ah, the joys of being indecisive, huh?
    Oh - and the blog changes - I did that mainly because I thought I had to so I could try to add some stuff I saw at Skittles Place. I did get the Comment Clicks to work but couldn't get the Guest Host thingy into my blog. So now, when you come by, read my blog and are to tired to actually write a comment, you can just click on one or several of the comment clicks instead!
    Happy Tuesday, Kiddo!

  5. I couldn't be "bovvered" with my drawers glad i can leave messed for another day ;O)